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Resume Writing: What a Professional Writer Can Do

Posted by on Dec 01 2012 | Resume Writing

As a job seeker, I had applied for many companies by sending my resume, but to my surprise, the answer that generally came was that they will call me back. But I never got a call from any of the companies. I was disappointed. Even after having the highest qualifications, I could not understand what went wrong. Later, I was able to understand that this is the most common situation for many and the reason was a vaguely written resume.

A professionally written resume helps you get employed more easily. Therefore, if you wish to have a resume that would sell you to potential employers, then hiring an expert resume writer proves to be the best option. Here are the top 4 reasons why:

  1. Writing Skills: Professional resume writers have the skill to highlight the key points, which an employer is looking for. They cautiously but briefly analyze the strengths, qualifications, aptitude and proficiency of the applicant making him or her fit for a particular job.
  2. The Right Matter: Adding the right kind of matter required for your resume is done by these professional writers by collecting all the details pertaining to the job seeker. The bio-data of the job seekers plays the foremost role even before the final call for the interview.
  3. Eye for Detail: Writers keep in mind, that the resume should not be too long since the employer will not read each and every line. The key details have to be written in a catchy manner, making it easy for the employer to go through the qualifications, experiences and other important details.
  4.  Professionalism: Professional resume writers help in creating a promising resume by writing different types of resumes, which include, entry-level, mid level, senior level and executive level. They not only write resumes for experienced candidates, but also for freshers.

So, don’t take a chance if you wish to climb the success ladder, instead take professional help and work in your favourite company. Seek the help of professional resume writers to get that edge, just like I did.

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The Nuances of Résumé Writing

Posted by on Jun 19 2012 | Resume Writing

Imagine existing in a world, where humanity only lives on paper and all the otherwise verbal exchange happens in print with words materializing on the surface. If we had to market our identity, we would want to put our best face forward, proverbially and literally.

A resume is our identity on paper that we use to secure positions for education or employment purposes, thus what we show tells the hiring manager a lot about ourselves. It includes information pertaining to our personal and professional profile, work experience, education and skills.  Putting such vital information merits careful construction and intelligent phrasing to be able to convey the intended meaning.

With the existing competition gripping individuals ever so tightly, the paranoia behind a good resume is unsettling. However due to the advent of numerous professional writing services, making a resume is now everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays a host of professional writers provide guidance on how a novice should construct their resume to suit a certain job profiles. With the trends of resume writing changing with the evolving industry standards, the gentle nuances of writing a resume still adhere to the tried and tested methods of yester-years.

Now a thing to realize is that no two resumes are alike, and should be kept that way. The resume in all its nuances should ideally convey how well the candidate can do, what he/she claims to do. It is not an unintelligible bare mention of factual experience, but a unique value proposition, that sets you apart from the next individual. Nuances tell a story – they weave in the concepts of team building, leadership, perseverance and diligence based on intelligently phrased achievements and experiences.  Subtle nuances provide additional dimensions to the words written in print on the resume. They flesh out the individual behind the words, and give them a standing – on how they would deal with official circumstances and workplace environment. For an employer doesn’t seek an employee merely to fill a vacancy – but to enrich the holistic work environment with the addition of work-driven individuals.

This is where the professional writers come into being. They convert the lackluster achievement into statements that sets one apart from the herd. When it all comes down to that one chance to be able to make a difference to the hiring manager, one should pull out all stops to make sure that their resume stays on people’s minds.

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Does Your Resume Have The ‘IT’ Factor?

Posted by on Aug 11 2010 | Resume Writing

I have applied to a lot of companies for jobs in the past and the answer that usually came back was that they will call me back. The calls never came. I was shattered. I just could not locate where I had gone wrong. I have been a good student, a keen team worker, have had good feedback about how I have the makings of an outstanding leader; what happened?

Is this your story?

A lot of things contribute to your appointment as an employee in an organization that you have always dreamt about. One of them, which I think is the most important, is the Resume.

Yes, the resume is your first impression on a prospective employer. Contradict me as much as you like saying that we must not be judgmental, but the truth is that the first impression is definitely the last impression in the professional world.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since they taught us to write resumes in school. Resumes are not staid and boringly structured information about the self anymore, but are pieces of art, a very important way to sell yourself to the employer before you even meet him.

An impressive resume has that ‘X’ factor that will make the HR person pause and notice you while sifting through thousands of other resumes. A good resume can be an eye opener for you. You may be brilliant to work with, have great work credentials or have worked with the best companies but who will tell that to the employer? Your resume has to subtly and intelligently sell you to the world. It has to show that you are the best person for the job.

Resumes can be extremely wacky sometimes depending on the profile you are applying for in the company concerned. These days, employers are looking for people with a great sense of humor and have a reservoir of creative contributions to the growth of the company in them. So, don’t worry if your resume comes out to be wacky and funny. There are chances that the prospective employer will nail you for the job on the basis of your cleverly crafted, creatively processed resume.

For those who want themselves to be shown in a more serious fashion, there are some extremely good resume writing companies that specialize in writing winsome resumes for job hopefuls. You just have to give them all the requisite information about yourself and collect a revamped you. Such is the brilliance of their craft that both the employer and candidate himself is convinced that (s)he is the best person!

Surf the net and be a part of this grand wave!

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