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5 Common Mistakes of Search Engine Optimization in Website Reviews

Posted by on May 03 2013 | Internet, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

When launching a new site or revamping an existing one, social media optimization remains the crux, in order to attract an interested demographic and to grow brand awareness and visibility. With these five tips, you can understand and avoid the most common mistakes in this sphere. 

Specifying Domains: This simply means that you should have the favourable option of either or Redi­recting the preferable one solves this quickly.

JavaScript and CSS Control: For aspirations of search engine optimization, framework sites that are plug-in heavy have this problem. If cutting down on the script used and the CSS displayed is not feasible, running them through external files will enable faster load times.

Exam­ple: <script type=‘text/relevant-type’ src=‘http:/’></script>

Advantages of Sitemap: Using an XML sitemap is hugely beneficial. The tools for this are available online in abundance.

Search engine optimization is achieved by making your pages and website more discoverable as search engines pick them up. It also assigns degrees of importance to different content.

Title Tag Format: While title tags are elements to the page header, they could also be visible at the top, depending on the browser.

It is also the text, which can be clicked as the results appear in an organic search. Not only are they a ranking criterion, but they also influence click-through rates.


  • Title tags should not cross 70 cha­rac­ters, with spaces
  • Avoid excessively filling with keywords
  • Essential keywords should comprise the start of each title tag

Lac­king or Dupli­cate Desc­rip­tion Tags: Desc­rip­tion tags are visible in search results. They appear below clickable text and are created by search engines, which assign importance, when the tags are not compiled. It is far better to decide for yourself on the information that will be visible to your audience rather than automated decisions, in this case at least.

The possibly worst and most common mistake in search engine optimization functioning is the repeated usage of a description tag across multiple pages. This makes the process redundant and it is better to have blank descriptions for other pages.

Rules of Thumb:

  • With spaces, description tags should not exceed 150 characters
  • Every page should have a distinct description tag
  • These tags should complement title tag keywords.

Gaining an insight into these unpopular mistakes that most websites and businesses make empowers you to succeed, without the impediment of wary operations. Follow these tips and make good on your promise to operate a website with full search engine optimization.

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SEO Copywriting: 5 Useful Tips

Posted by on Nov 30 2012 | Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

The ranking of a site in Google completely depends on the website copy. If a site is not properly executed then even the most advantageously planned site can be of no use. The role of SEO copywriting is to render content valuable, as readability of the viewers cannot be sacrificed.

If you do not have the budget to engage an SEO copywriter and are bound to do this task yourself, then here are 5 useful tips to follow:

  1. Importance of Keywords: The title of the article is one of the most important places where the keyword should be included. It plays a significant role in grabbing the reader’s attention at the very beginning. Your keyword should also be incorporated in the opening paragraph. The opening paragraph is an introduction to the content, so it should also be catchy to draw user interest.
  2. Keyword Stuffing: Over incorporating of keywords is called keyword stuffing. When you over use a keywords it leads to repetition, making the SEO copy boring for the readers. To avoid this error, you can read the content naturally to a human. This will help you hear any repetition in the copy.
  3. Add Links: Links play a major role in SEO. Good content should provide links for your site as people want to share content that is appropriate, well written and useful.  You can increase your sites ranking by building links that are search engine optimized and are reader-friendly.
  4. Meta Tags: Meta tags have enormous ranking value. You can use your title’s keywords in the title. Through meta tags and meta description tags, the webmasters can have constant access to relevant data on your site. But repeating keywords in these tags can be considered spam.
  5. Structure of the Text: Well-structured content always catches the reader’s attention, as it makes it easy for them to read the whole content. Make sure that the copy is not too long and is broken into paragraphs and add subtitles.

SEO copywriting is all about making your content not only readable but also persuading visitors to stay on your site, thereby resulting in better rankings and higher ROI.

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Playing it Right with Keywords and SMO

Posted by on Jul 24 2012 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SMO

Social Media Optimization is the mantra in new-age marketing. To further your marketing campaign on the global virtual platform, the correct keyword is all that you need. SMO works its best when web users use certain phrases and keywords to fuel their searches. The words entered, are not mere phrases of the content designed for the specific web page, but are words that help place the website on a ranking scale on search engines. In this case, the social media operative must encode the content with the appropriate words to return maximum search results.

The Right Jargon

The content designer has to have the foresight to understand that the medium of delivering the content should be accessible to all, in terms of readability and comprehension. Thus he cannot choose to bombard the text with heavy-sounding words to garner aesthetic language appeal. The vocabulary needs to be simple and wound in a jargon that is understood by a wider audience. When it comes to reading content online, people would rather look at interactive elements like pictures, videos and graphics than read volumes of uninteresting text. Keeping it short and simple is the net idea to grasp. Short sentences using active voice and employing grammar in meticulous accuracy is what makes for a winning copy.

The Elusive Keyword

The concept of the elusive keyword arises from the intricate searching process. When a keyword is entered into a search engine website, it looks for similar content online, containing the relevant terms. The user is then redirected to the resulting page which might satisfy the query or might lead to further searches. Searching trends show that the most effective search results are the ones displayed as top 5 results in a listing. People rarely choose to look beyond the first five results to further their query. To be able to feature in the to           p 5 listings, the content needs to be optimized to achieve these results.

Getting it Right for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the tool that makes or breaks your website on the virtual platform. When a mere word can shape or destroy your establishment, pulling out all stops to coin the right one will steer you clear of all hurdles.


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Nuances of Web Content Writing

Posted by on Jul 17 2012 | Search Engine Optimization, Web Content Writing

Gone are the days, when people would queue up in departmental stores to pick up their t-shirts on sale. The principle custom of being physically present to buy, hand out the cash is now a fondly remembered memory. Now if someone has to buy anything under the sun, they need only log on to the internet and shop to their heart’s desire. Technology has increasingly mobilised the social functions and with the Internet, now deemed as the new virtual residence, it need not come as a surprise that most MNC’s would want to revamp their image to keep up.

Content is, therefore, the undisputed king of the virtual world. It will either put a website on the proverbial marketing pedestal, or will drown the website to oblivion. This leaves the web content writer with an immense responsibility. He is expected to have the required foresight to be able to predict the changing trends in search engine optimization and use them to the best of his abilities.

When writing for the masses, one requires finding ways to make them click, access and treat the content as per the website’s intentions. To do this the content writer must have an in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand and must strategise his appeal for the masses. Although writing content for a website does not have a standard set of rules, but if a content writer manages to grasp the subtle nuances he will be able to produce a winning copy. Marketing is just a game played to lure in mass attention and to be at the top of this game, one only needs to understand what makes the audience click. Thus targeting the audience and shaping the content to suit the tone of voice will make the reader feel a connection. In this regard, the appropriate use of words in the required frequency and tone is what will work in favour of the content. Even with all the technicalities in place, what makes content readable at the end of the day, is the language. So the writer cannot bombard the content with difficult words and phrases. The challenge however will be to create appealing content without compromising on quality.

Web users are aware of how precious time is. Even when they choose to aimlessly surf the web, they would prefer to view content that takes the least effort to read. So the content writer cannot hope to hold their attention with volumes of text. It needs to be concise and interactive. Using an audio visual medium will do more than just enhance content. At the end of the day, establishing a connection with every John Doe is what every marketing enterprise roots for.

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7 Useful Online Marketing Tips

Posted by on Jun 20 2012 | branding, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

To build a brand, online marketing is one of the key tools in the advertising process. Here are a few useful online marketing tips that can you can use in your brand building process-

  1. Go Viral - Viral marketing has proven to be beneficial as a launch pad for many new brands. All you need to do is to make a video on a topic relevant to the brand personality, its goals etc. The video goes viral on many social media websites and relies on its likeability power. A rather informal way of communicating, the main objective of this approach is to redirect the viewers to the brand’s website and inform them of the brand’s presence.
  2. Chase the Social Media- If your brand is not present on Facebook and Twitter; you might be from the 20th century. An informal and interesting way of interacting with your customers directly, it makes it easier for many people to know about you. Make a brand page, get the timeline and get started. Talk to the people, hold contests, upload the photographs, get a celebrity to endorse your page and your brand and you will soon rise up in the success graph.
  3. E-mail marketing- Sending out emails to your customers is a sure shot way of grabbing attention. Since this activity is known and already practiced, why not sell the new wine in old bottle. E-mailers are known to be boring and irritating and to actually make it work; you need to be unique and different. Use an attractive template with an informal language so that the readers connect with them.
  4. Banners and Print ads- Remember that tiny ad you saw on the right side while you were reading your emails on yahoo? Well, those are the ads online. You can post ads of your website or brand on any website you feel already attracts the traffic. Make your ads creative and leave a sense of mystery in their content or a picture to redirect the reader to your website.
  5. Blogging- Blogging about your brand is an excellent idea. Set up your blog and invite your existing customers to read and follow it. The content may not necessarily be about your product, but also the interesting facts relevant to the industry etc. E.g. giving fashion tips to the young lads if you are into fashion business.
  6. Submit Articles- One of the effective ways of marketing online is submitting written content on the various article submission websites. The articles can be on subjects and topics related to your industry and about your products. They divert traffic to your website and help in better SEO (Search engine optimization) of your website.
  7. Form groups and forums- A lesser known marketing habit, you can make use of forming groups and forums on yahoo and Google and add your customers. This will update your customers about the ongoing discussions and the latest from you. In return they will be engaged in your brand and will also do some word of mouth publicity for free.

With various platforms of interactive media being launched each day, one has ample options to explore. So, reach out and make a difference!

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Google Plus SMO Set To Run Roughshod Over FB

Posted by on Aug 19 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Copywriting, Technical Writing

The stage is set. The weapons have been polished and the shields are clanging with anticipation. Social networking el supremo Facebook faces off against search engine colossal Google’s throwback, Google Plus. At first glance, it looks like a regular David vs Goliath. 500 million users against a measly 20 million. But the numbers only tell you so much. Delving deeper, one can see many reasons why Google Plus has more than a few aces in the hole.

The biggest advantage that Google Plus has over Facebook is that it has the direct backing of the big daddy of all the search engines, Google. A classic case of SEO meets SMO, if there ever was one. It has been all but openly announced that Google will be heavily leaning on rewarding Google Plus users with higher rankings on its search engine page. And sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can’t do much more than shaking their fists in frustration. That is, unless they (the latter two) don’t end up as dinner for Google’s massive buying spree.

Another reason why Google Plus has become a force to be reckoned with is the revolutionary social media tools it offers to its users. The ‘+1’ button has already trumped Facebook’s likes, the privacy features offered by Plus are aeons ahead of anything Facebook has to offer, and the Circles are being widely acknowledged as the ‘Holy $#!*’ idea of the decade. 10 million users within the first few weeks will nod happily along to that.

Talking White Hat SMO, Google Plus has taken pains to ensure that its users get all the brownie points to promote their websites, provided it’s legit. Website integration with APIs, +1 Button Syndication and a whole new level of networking gives Google Plus ample leverage when it comes to SEO building. Also, Google’s announcement that its +1 button carries a heavy impact over a site’s SEO rankings carries a veiled threat: If SMO for Google Plus is not on your site’s daily calendar, expect a cold shoulder from Google’s crawlies.

Bottom line is, as someone who is actively engaged in SEO and SMO to bump up site rankings, you simply cannot afford to overlook Google Plus anymore. Case closed.

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Soar in the Cyberspace with quality SEO content writing

Posted by on Apr 15 2011 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO Copywriting

In the recent years, the importance of search engine optimization or SEO has increase manifold. This is due to the increasing importance of search engines. SEO plays an important role in pushing a website’s position to the top of a search result page and SEO content writing is an indelible part of it.

Apt selection of keywords, research and formatting the content are some of the important ingredients of a quality SEO content writing. Keywords in content should be put in a justifiable way rather than fitting them in the content just for the sake of using them as much as possible. It is important to use the right keywords in the content in a strategic way. The keywords in SEO content writing should make good sense and must provide useful and logical information to the end user.

People specialized in SEO content writing understand the importance of keywords. An SEO content writer knows well that the keywords must flow well with the content and must not be there just for the sake of using them. The content should also make good sense and must provide useful and logical information to the end user. The tone of the web content should be informative enough depending on the particular website section for which it is being prepared for.

SEO content writing also helps in spreading information about a particular company in order to create a positive outlook about the company in the cyberspace. Quality content always helps in the firm establishment of a brand in the market and also creates more traffic for the company’s website.

SEO content writing services include web content writing, blog writing, article writing, newsletter writing, press release writing, classifieds and marketing collaterals.

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Enhance Your Social Media Writing Skills

Posted by on Jan 20 2011 | Search Engine Optimization

Social media has penetrated deep into our lives and all of us are associated with it in some manner. Sometimes it gets very frustrating when you write with all your heart but desired attention remains a dream. There are certain methods by which you can enhance the value of your content drastically; all you have to do is to remember these basic guidelines while you write.

A killer headline always works. Whenever you set your fingers rolling on the keyboard make sure that you have an eye catchy headline. Always remember there must be million others who will be writing the same stuff so this is the first step that makes you different. Follow it with a great opening. Opening should talk about what you have in your mind, your thoughts in a very conversational manner. Keep your great vocabulary in the closet and talk in a “social manner” without being fluffy or boring. Make sure that your writing brings a reader into the conversation, a personal and interactive tone are great tools for effective social writing.

Never be “cheesy” in approach and always have an opinion about what you write. Internet is filled with individuals who write just to prove “me too” attitude. Discard this approach and stick to your opinions. Opinions give an edge to your thoughts and make you distinct and original. Research is an integral part of writing. A well researched writing always gathers applause.

Social media is a place where people look for fun and little education. This is the bottom-line for you as a writer. Mix your content with pictures, videos if you can; as been already proved a picture speaks louder than words, but picture should only substantiate your writing and nothing else.

Social media content writing is a creative field and every individual has unlimited liberty to play with words and thoughts as per the style. There is no set formula for a great content as it completely depends upon your approach.

Writing for social media is fun as it is the only place where you can easily comment and people like it!

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Wholesalers Makeover Through SEO writing

Posted by on Jan 06 2010 | Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Copywriting

Asserting an online visibility for the wholesalers is the biggest challenge for the writers as wholesalers are mushrooming in the cyber domain for marketing their products. My tryst with SEO centric wholesale sunglasses articles has been really interesting, captivating and sometime monotonous also because “Are you planning to buy an exclusive pair of wholesale sunglasses? …” is the line which became stereotypical and symbolic of my writings. But these were also lines that best described the need of a wholesaler from his prospective customer.

In an ocean of choices for buying sunglasses on the wholesale, how can one wholesaler get an edge over the other? An extensive SEO centered exercise to increase the online visibility of the website is the key to this. And SEO articles plays a small but very significant part of this very exercise.


There is a strong relation between wholesalers and SEO writing because for them gaining top organic listings is an indication of their successful online presence and popularity. While writing SEO article for wholesalers, it is extremely important to focus on main key phrases or keywords which are to be used repeatedly in the article. The problem of attracting more traffic and higher search engine rankings frequents wholesalers and this problem persisted with the client in question as well. The challenge in my project is to form an effective SEO copy which tops the search results along with living up to the client’s expectations. Generally the copy for wholesalers’ website lacks the insights to search engine rankings and the study of the visitor’s nature and requirement. If your SEO copy has not incorporated keywords effectively and logically, then don’t expect your SEO’s success because an over usage of keywords may also lead to spamming.


While writing articles for wholesale sunglasses, I work with an objective of making everyone hum about my client all over the cyber space regarding the products and services offered by them. ‘Mesmerizing’, ‘fantastic’, ‘superlative’, ‘captivating’, ‘exclusive’, ‘attractive’, ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’ are the few keywords I play with in wholesale sunglasses articles along with the repeated mention of the client’s name which is essential for enhancing the online visibility. Fixing up these problems is not very tough; all it requires is well written content for online wholesalers with the inclusion of keywords and the name of client’s website in the SEO article to highlight vision over value. If you are an amateur writer and still in your learning stage, then follow this direct approach to optimize your wholesaler’s website.

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Rendezvous with diseases

Posted by on Dec 02 2009 | Search Engine Optimization, Theme based articles, Uncategorized

I write, talk, eat, drink and dream only about diseases, you all must be wondering why? Writing theme based articles on celebrity phobias, drug abuse, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder and diets is not only informative but extremely interesting. These articles bring into focus the fact that celebrities are also human and they are as much victims of stress as any other.

This is a time engaging project wherein I do a lot of in depth research to get to every nook and corner of the celebrities and their personal lives. It actually caught my interest when I got to know that almost all the famous faces are suffering from some kind of disease and disorder which made me put my heart and soul to this project. I flagged of my writing with various celebrities suffering from drug abuse and I was supposed to write about their struggle with this problem and their stay at rehabilitation centers. A sense of compassion and a need to know more drove the process to improve my writings day by day.


As part of this piece of writing, research is a pre requisite and this is what I start my article with. Research plays a crucial role in writing about these celebrities because there is a need to come out with every minute detail so as to add excitement and readability in the article. If you are thinking that it’s all about copy and paste, then it’s time to revise your thoughts because the job of a copywriter is not only about this. Getting the desired information from one website is not possible and because of this several websites need to be consulted as a reference to write on celebrities.


Writing was a challenge for me. Making use of research and to frame information in your own words while keeping the interest intact is what a job of copywriter is. Initially it took me a lot of time to come out with something great but I am growing with the project. Learning is still on and I try my best not to get too influenced with the information available on the internet and write everything in my words so as to give it my touch which is important for any article. Framing sentences in your style is not easy at all and I saved all my rejected articles and improvised on them and I am still learning

Adding Quote’s and Sources

While writing on these celebrities with some high profile diseases, I am supposed to add quotes so as to give more credibility to the article and this is also informative for the readers. This also requires exhaustive research to look out for relevant quotes and add it in the article. For every copywriter, it is extremely important to mention the source so as to validate the quote.

After repeated mistakes, I am finding it more challenging and I learnt that it is important to be patient while doing research, you simply can’t give up. Effective and interesting writing, time management, right use of words and not to forget “no plagiarism” is what a good copywriter should adhere to.

Theme based article writing is a domain in its own right in content writing, they demand research, a need to read into the nuances of a subject and finally frame informative content.

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