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Samsung Galaxy S3 – So much more than a Phone

Posted by on Sep 05 2012 | Mobile, Smartphone

There has always been a mobile which redefined what a “mobile” stands for. It was the Nokia 6600 at the advent of 21st century now it is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The remarkable piece of technology is claimed to be designed for humans and it indeed is. If you have ever wished for a phone that telepathically  communicates with your mind, then technology has made it possible with the S3.

Some of the revolutionary features include “Smart Stay” which keeps the display bright only until you are looking at it. In the midst of texting someone if you feel the urge to call them, simply lift the phone up to your ear and “Direct Call” will do the rest. And if you happen to feel too lazy to do anything at all just tell the phone what to do and “S Voice” will get the job done.

S3 is powered by a mind boggling 1.4 Ghz quad core processor which were known to be used in laptops until now. On other specifications front also, S3 is far from making any compromise. A 4.8 inches super AMOLED touch screen (of whose clarity is to be seen to believe in), 1 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 8 MP Autofocus camera and everything else any mobile phone has ever had except maybe infrared.

You would wonder how Samsung could pack so much in about 8.6 mm of thickness. The ergonomics of the phone are also spectacular and it is a treat to hold the phone.   Along with plethora of sensors, S3 also packs the latest Android OS, so that you can get the most out of this incredible phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the best phone ever known to mankind. However, there is no real basis to the arguments against its superiority.


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