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Google Plus SMO Set To Run Roughshod Over FB

Posted by on Aug 19 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Copywriting, Technical Writing

The stage is set. The weapons have been polished and the shields are clanging with anticipation. Social networking el supremo Facebook faces off against search engine colossal Google’s throwback, Google Plus. At first glance, it looks like a regular David vs Goliath. 500 million users against a measly 20 million. But the numbers only tell you so much. Delving deeper, one can see many reasons why Google Plus has more than a few aces in the hole.

The biggest advantage that Google Plus has over Facebook is that it has the direct backing of the big daddy of all the search engines, Google. A classic case of SEO meets SMO, if there ever was one. It has been all but openly announced that Google will be heavily leaning on rewarding Google Plus users with higher rankings on its search engine page. And sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can’t do much more than shaking their fists in frustration. That is, unless they (the latter two) don’t end up as dinner for Google’s massive buying spree.

Another reason why Google Plus has become a force to be reckoned with is the revolutionary social media tools it offers to its users. The ‘+1’ button has already trumped Facebook’s likes, the privacy features offered by Plus are aeons ahead of anything Facebook has to offer, and the Circles are being widely acknowledged as the ‘Holy $#!*’ idea of the decade. 10 million users within the first few weeks will nod happily along to that.

Talking White Hat SMO, Google Plus has taken pains to ensure that its users get all the brownie points to promote their websites, provided it’s legit. Website integration with APIs, +1 Button Syndication and a whole new level of networking gives Google Plus ample leverage when it comes to SEO building. Also, Google’s announcement that its +1 button carries a heavy impact over a site’s SEO rankings carries a veiled threat: If SMO for Google Plus is not on your site’s daily calendar, expect a cold shoulder from Google’s crawlies.

Bottom line is, as someone who is actively engaged in SEO and SMO to bump up site rankings, you simply cannot afford to overlook Google Plus anymore. Case closed.

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Technical Writing: Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Posted by on Sep 07 2008 | Technical Writing

Technical writing is a way of expressing a technical concept in the form of words so that it reaches a wider amount of audience. It is basically a form of technical communication which is made use of in miscellaneous fields like consumer electronics, computer hardware, chemistry, biotechnology, robotics, aerospace, computer software etc. One should never mistake technical writing with other forms of content writing. Content can be about anything. Technical writing involves the technical aspects of various goods, machines and is basically written with highlighting all the technicalities. One needs to have a flair for technology and it is only then that the person can contemplate technical writing.

Writers whose forte is technical knowledge often write on topics like information development, technical publication and technical documentation. To become a prolific technical writer, one needs to have the charisma to explain something very complex to both technical and non-technical readers. One can extract technical information from journals, magazines and lots of technical documentation. Apart from having good writing skills, the writer needs to be completely in sync with recent technical up gradations.

Be it writing a book on the latest satellite or explaining NASA’s first expedition in space, the technical writer needs to have a capability of capturing the reader’s attention so that everything that has been published or printed seems to be extremely captivating. All the aspects need to be correctly mentioned and the facts and figures have to be accurate as the readers should not be given wrong information. This is one of the most crucial aspects of technical writing that a writer needs to take care of. The writer needs to keep himself/herself updated on all the latest news in the world of gizmos, machines, and everything related to electronic appliances.

So a writer who wishes to explore the technical side of writing has to take these actualities into consideration while writing so that the end product turns out to be nothing less than a masterpiece.

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