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In The Company of a Travel Writer

Posted by on Oct 06 2012 | Content Writing, Travel Writing

Travel writing is just as exclusive a genre as are the passionate lot who provide for it. Travel writers have grown in demand over the past decade owing to the fact that travel has been redefined. Tourism of all kinds is supported by governments across the globe starting from leisure, medical to adventure. Looking at the scenario, the online search for ‘places to visit’ has seen an enormous growth, which is met by travel curators from different sections of the society. They are no know-alls but are everyday people who take deep interest in the whole essence of travel. The great question is how do these travel writers come to practice the genre and the greater one, in whose company would you like to be?

Navigator: A travel writer can be recognized as a navigator when his writing works like a compass and takes you through every nook and corner of the location. It is no big deal for the writer himself as he comes with a good amount of research. With a fair chance, he gives the intricate details based on first-hand account and that just adds to the flavor. This navigator takes good care that you get information on where to, how to and what to about a place.

Conversationalist: This kind is more of a dream weaver. If you happen to have been looking into search engines for an ideal destination of vacation, you might come across a conversationalist who can easily convince you that the backyard of your house is just the right place to enjoy your time. No kidding, they are good at that. Truth be told, a conversationalist travel writer is a pleasure to read.

Projector: He is more of a magician and a good one. You can never verify the resources, the projectors take their cues from but you can always rely on the final product i.e. the information in writing. The projector picks a point on the map and builds a complete story out of it. The facts are seamlessly put in the writing and at the end of it; the reader is ready to move out with his backpack.

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5 Essentials a Travel Writer Must Carry

Posted by on Aug 27 2012 | Travel Writing

Travel writing is one of the most delightful activities for most writers. Given that travelling across the world is one of most followed passion for many individuals, a travel writer does the job of recreating a place on paper for a curious reader. Since many readers travel to a place without actually getting there, travel writing has to be information dissolved with creativity.

Here are the 5 essentials that every travel writer must carry with him for a better experience-

  1. Photography Equipments- A travel write-up is incomplete without the pictures of the place visited.  As a travel writer, your aim is to take your writers to where you already have been, through your words and pictures. For this purpose, make sure you carry photography equipments with you wherever you go. Carry your DSLR camera, batteries and charging devices.
  2. Backpack- An explorer cannot afford to carry a heavy baggage wherever he goes. A travel writer has to have a backpack that perfectly fits all essentials – a few light clothes, body care kits, headphones etc. As a traveler, you may not always get the luxury of living in hotels and well organized places. Carrying a backpack is the need of the hour in such circumstances.
  3. Map and guide books- A few places that you visit may not have the sign boards to guide you everywhere, hence, a map is a must for all those who travel into new places and especially travel writers. Guide books can be second priority as the deal is also about travelling into the lesser known.
  4. Sharing devices- Many a times, some of the best write-ups turn out to be the ones written on the spot. Sharing the pictures of the place on the social media websites before a travel piece comes out is also a great way to keep your readers wanting for more. For this purpose, always carry your laptop, IPad or any other device that keeps you connected with the rest of the world.
  5. A Notebook- Carrying a notebook may sound ancient, but it’s a must to have in your bag. One cannot write on a laptop while interviewing a local on the road. A notebook will help you get your facts right and collect the information too.

As they say, nothing is more enriching and enlightening than travelling. While you’re at it, ensure that you get the most out of a place using the essentials stated above.

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