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Monsoon and Travel: The Quick Guide

Posted by on Aug 10 2012 | travel

It is known to all that travel during the monsoon in India is going to be a tough call. But nobody can stop a traveler’s zest for exploring the unknown and the mystic land itself. So, while you have set your heart onto taking this daunting task, let’s brace yourself up well.

Choose your options right: It is good that you don’t want to stop your curiosity drive but the idea of exploring some of the places will just fall flat on face. For example, going for a beach side or destinations like Goa are not suggested. Most of the time, these beaches would be closed for visitors and the whole fun goes out of the window. Instead choose a dry region. Ladakh is one such spot which remains dry during the period of July and August. One can choose the hills for its lush greenery and scenic views as well, but still evading the showers can be a tricky game.

What’s in your backpack? : First of all, pack judiciously, so just about the bare essentials. Specifically for monsoon purpose, take light synthetic fabric. Pack an umbrella or a raincoat which would cover you from head to toe. The backpack itself should have that plastic layer to safeguard the content inside. Prefer to wear open sandals that allow water to seep through.

The safety tip: Avoid eating anything that just looks tasty. The contamination through water in any form is more rampant in this country. The packaged food and water is recommended while you are on a trip. Also, mosquito repellent cream is suggested because tropical rains are home for this disease carrying insect. After all you have to be in good health to enjoy your journey.

The next best thing: It is suggested to carry the very essential medicines with you. It may turn out to be a good decision later on. An important thing to take along would be a portable water heater to have boiled water, when there is no provision of mineral or packaged water. Pack a wind cheater too.

Ready to go: The last thing before taking the final plunge is to make sure that the weather of your prospective destination is pleasant or not. It is crucial because on a mountainous trail, landslides are common incidents and it obstructs traffic with long halts.

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