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Recipe for Bloggers: Have You Tasted It Yet?

Posted by on Mar 14 2013 | Blog, Blogging, Uncategorized

It is a believe-it-or-not moment for this blog to have taken shape and an equally unusual space for it to appear. But we like surprises, don’t we? When it comes to blogging, there is a very competitive set of writers who are beating the other genres. They are making good money as well. It is time that before one hits the art of blogging; one should have a look at the happening cookery blogs that have a thing or two to say.

Flavor: One of the crucial elements of cookery blog is the content. Unless an author chooses to stick to a style of cooking or a particular region e.g., the world is the platter. The point to be taken home is that keeping the options open gives an advantage in competition.

Catalogue: The cookery blogs offer variety over the range of cooking. There are recipes available from around the world with details that gives step wise guidance towards cooking. Thus, cataloguing becomes an important aspect. It is a crucial lesson for bloggers as a catalogued blog help readers to browse through content.

Richness: The richness part lies in the picturesque presentation. These cookery blogs beat every other in style, photography and appeal. The dishes are presented in rich, colorful setting making the blogs an absolute delight in read like . Evidently, making a strong connection with an online reader requires a good mix of writing and visual.

Share: It may look like that this is meant only for a food fanatic but not necessarily. Here’s an important point to note. The way the participants and readers share their favorite recipes on these blogs is an inspiration. It means for the blogger half the battle is won. For a blogger to get the readers talking, it is important to engage into one or begin a subject that sparks off a conversation.

We suggest trying the above ingredients to make a blog an interesting one. It takes a little motivation, a bit of skill, a pinch of dedication and some artistry for the touch up for a perfect blog recipe. Blog Appétit.

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Social Media: Boon or Bane?

Posted by on Mar 06 2013 | digital marketing, Social Media, Uncategorized

Sauntering past the yawn inducing jargon of the technological era having encompassed our very lives, we reach the crux of social media and its being imperative to usage in every sphere.

Social media is often littered with requests for Emergency Blood Donors, Homes for Adopted Pets, Work Opportunities, and numerous related criteria that cement the fact that it does indeed, provide considerable possibility for every need.

This writer can testify in smaller, rarer circumstances, where a hugely popular musician offered an old acoustic guitar, free of cost, to anyone who had the will to learn how to play, as the musician himself delivered the instrument, with a pleasant smile and an endearingly self-condescending demeanour.

Those who deign networking as a time-consuming, frivolous activity couldn’t be more misinformed. With the scope of the internet, it only grows more relevant and useful. We are inclined to believe that with such means, we can meet most ends.

While around 36% of social media content posted by us is brand-related, 75% of businesses felt duly obliged to acknowledge this. Simultaneously, we must be aware of how we have the power to utilize the same for our own development.

LinkedIn, currently the world’s largest professional network with 160,000,000 registered users, is the pinnacle of work opportunity webs. Listing proud past achievements, bearing arduously earned endorsements, and hosting histories of work-related accomplishments, it supports the professional aspirations while integrating an infinite network of talent, ability, skill, and experience.

Skillzot uses a Pay-it-Forward format which brings together participants for the exchange of taught skills, while tutoring others in core competencies. This basic mentality compels our attention toward our self worth and target setting.

Even in social media networks with a more casual recall, there are connections for causes of all kinds. Multiple startups compete with established firms for the pick of the lot, giving the potential employee the boon of choice. Particular professions and selective skill sets that often have an edge over the rest include Voice Over Artists, Actors or Models, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Coders. To be fair, the playing field has never been as equal and the onus is on us to exploit this trove of opportunity.

How do we do this?

Building a solid profile with crisp depictions of our decorated works, simplistic interpretations of completed folios, along with substantiated recommendations by respected names, is the need of the hour. Keeping an ear to the ground, an eye out for the smoke signals, whichever form of communication you can visualize, we undertake to satiate these requirements with our own.

Imbibing this indicative ideology of strengthened foundations and reinforced structures for applications, our outreach scales peaks of unnecessary pedantic, while maintaining decorum and procedure. Understanding and realizing our own ability is essential to achieve this, and with the time we frequently and poorly invest, we can do much more.

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Time for a change

Posted by on Sep 20 2011 | Uncategorized

A company website should be a reflection of your company. It is a company’s calling card, and I don’t think anyone hands out old and dirty calling cards. Doesn’t matter if your website was designed in the 90’s or the early 2000’s, it’s time to spice things up.

If you created your website a couple of years back and feel that you don’t need to redesign it, think again. These days, technology and fashion become outdated faster than you can think. Don’t believe it? Go to any website and check out the current price of your mobile phone (warning, you may not like the result).

Depending on the age of your website, your decision to redesign could mean a complete over haul, or a few minor tweaks.

  1. If you have an e-commerce website, then the least you can do is keep updating it. If you still advertise a 6 month old item as new, then you are not doing any good to your online reputation, and in the world of retail, reputation is everything.
  2. Sometimes, even a small change can bring about a world of difference. Like for instance, a change of logo, or even a change of the colour scheme of your website can create a whole world of difference, but remember to be subtle about it. A garish logo and a seizure inducing colour scheme can turn your prospective customers into an angry mob of haters in no time.
  3. When redesigning your website, remember to not lose focus. Your website’s primary goal is to convey information, not to look pretty. This isn’t a beauty pageant; there are no awards for best looking website. As the saying goes, ‘don’t lose the forest for the trees’.
  4. If your website is from the time when CD ROMs were still the preferred means of exchanging data, then you will require a major over haul. It is recommended that you do it in many phases rather than a single swoop. A sudden change may cause your old customers to doubt the page they have visited and cause them to leave. Take your time to make the changes and let them know what all you are planning to change. Who knows? They may even give you some pretty useful tips.

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Why Article Writing

Posted by on May 19 2011 | Uncategorized

SEO article writing services are now amongst one of the most demanded online services, the reason being that these keywords along with good content generate good page rankings across various search engines. The article writing services can offer the marketers with optimized articles that are very well written. When you approach article writing services for content writing, you should specify the keywords that you are looking for in the article. It will help in making your website visible on the net. The article writing services provided by content development agencies are equipped with excellent writers whose focus is on quality SEO content writing. The main idea is to make your content stand out and attract more viewers and eventually increased traffic. Such articles help in increasing the popularity of the site thus publicizing your site and making it the top choice of the viewers.

Good Content writing is very important as your online presence is the face of your product or your company. It should be impressive enough to make the viewer interested in your website. This is exactly where the Article writing services come into play. An impressive content development strategy will help in turning the online traffic towards your site and rank it on the top of search engine. Search engine optimized article writing is extensively being used by advertisers, businessmen and online marketers to redirect the traffic towards their sites. A professional SEO writing assistance will generally differ from article to article and product to product. You cannot hire any article writer to write content for your business. Making sure that he specializes in the field that you wish to advertise for is very important. Research before you hire a content writing service, and specify the keywords that you wish to optimize for your website.

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Importance and Need of Website Review

Posted by on May 06 2011 | Uncategorized

Websites are becoming a very important means of communication in the techno savvy world today, and if one is into some kind of online business then this becomes an online mirror for your business. We always tend to depend on the things that have reliability factor in them and an online media best serves it. Websites are an important source of information and its content should be able to convey this. Your website represents your business, therefore to improve it and to make it more impressive, it is suggested that one should go for a website review done after a stipulated amount of time. Website review is basically an effective evaluation of your website so as to check whether the kind of content present is outdated or not and to see if it will help you achieve your goals. The main aim of getting a website review done is to improvise on the content and presentation aspects of your site so that you can communicate effectively with your customers.

The content of your online portal is the backbone of your businesses virtual presence, and for this very reason you need the right professionals to work on the website’s content evaluation. Through effective content writing you can drive traffic towards your website. A professional content writer understands your requirements and develops the content accordingly. Website review helps you to evaluate your website so that your viewers get the latest information regarding your business.

A website review helps you to explore the potential of improving your website’s ranking and to eventually drive more traffic. Content writing from content development firms helps to bring in a perspective. These website reviews help you to get good content and better results, owing to well researched and professionally written content. Getting the right kind of website review is an important way of promoting your business, and strengthening the channel of communication for your company. It will make your target audience aware of your presence by providing the most updated and professionally written content.

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Web copywriting services

Posted by on Mar 07 2011 | Copywriting, Uncategorized

Web copywriting services is very crucial to any given websites internet presence. What started as a medium to access data from multiple locations has today grown into a behemoth of information with multiple applications; yes we are talking about internet. The most important part of the internet is a website and what plays a pivotal role in judging it as a good website is its content, besides a good website design and a good search engine optimization plan.

In today’s growing internet space where numerous websites are added every day, one cannot ignore the high value provided by web copywriting services. These services are designed and fabricated to enable you to gain a higher return in this world of internet revolution. Web copywriting services have a holistic approach while dealing with your website. They ensure that the right keywords are incorporated properly in the website content besides shaping the content so as to give it a direction towards your target area. For a website the importance of web content writing service can be gauged by the fact that an average user spends just about seven seconds on any website. If this is the case then the efficacy of the websites content stands with the highest priority. Web copywriting services ensure that your data is accurate to the last integer, it adds presentably and brevity to the content and it makes sure that the data is accordance to the website structure and the intended audience. Web copywriting services which are cost effective and have a larger impact have now become an inevitable part of a successful website plan.

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Rendezvous with diseases

Posted by on Dec 02 2009 | Search Engine Optimization, Theme based articles, Uncategorized

I write, talk, eat, drink and dream only about diseases, you all must be wondering why? Writing theme based articles on celebrity phobias, drug abuse, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder and diets is not only informative but extremely interesting. These articles bring into focus the fact that celebrities are also human and they are as much victims of stress as any other.

This is a time engaging project wherein I do a lot of in depth research to get to every nook and corner of the celebrities and their personal lives. It actually caught my interest when I got to know that almost all the famous faces are suffering from some kind of disease and disorder which made me put my heart and soul to this project. I flagged of my writing with various celebrities suffering from drug abuse and I was supposed to write about their struggle with this problem and their stay at rehabilitation centers. A sense of compassion and a need to know more drove the process to improve my writings day by day.


As part of this piece of writing, research is a pre requisite and this is what I start my article with. Research plays a crucial role in writing about these celebrities because there is a need to come out with every minute detail so as to add excitement and readability in the article. If you are thinking that it’s all about copy and paste, then it’s time to revise your thoughts because the job of a copywriter is not only about this. Getting the desired information from one website is not possible and because of this several websites need to be consulted as a reference to write on celebrities.


Writing was a challenge for me. Making use of research and to frame information in your own words while keeping the interest intact is what a job of copywriter is. Initially it took me a lot of time to come out with something great but I am growing with the project. Learning is still on and I try my best not to get too influenced with the information available on the internet and write everything in my words so as to give it my touch which is important for any article. Framing sentences in your style is not easy at all and I saved all my rejected articles and improvised on them and I am still learning

Adding Quote’s and Sources

While writing on these celebrities with some high profile diseases, I am supposed to add quotes so as to give more credibility to the article and this is also informative for the readers. This also requires exhaustive research to look out for relevant quotes and add it in the article. For every copywriter, it is extremely important to mention the source so as to validate the quote.

After repeated mistakes, I am finding it more challenging and I learnt that it is important to be patient while doing research, you simply can’t give up. Effective and interesting writing, time management, right use of words and not to forget “no plagiarism” is what a good copywriter should adhere to.

Theme based article writing is a domain in its own right in content writing, they demand research, a need to read into the nuances of a subject and finally frame informative content.

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How to prepare SEO Content?

Posted by on Jul 04 2008 | Uncategorized

Each and every content writer must have created SEO content for a website. But only some of them have managed to deliver a perfect copy. Most of the content writers consider it as a keyword chocked content forgetting that it is the foundation in the process of optimization on the web. Now, here you will get few key strategies for writing an original and accurate SEO content. The keys are mentioned below:-

Understand the Structure

Before you begin with the content, you have to be crystal clear about the structure of the website. Always try to provide complementary structure and don’t write cumbersome text. SEO content should resume with introduction, continue to brief structure and end with the summary. SEO article should possess the quality and reliability otherwise the traffic at your web pages will not accomplish the main motive.

Use of Keywords

A content writer should know what to write? And what are the relevant keywords? This is the primordial condition for writing SEO content. Relevant keyword means the words utilized to find required results in the search engines. The keywords must be repeated in an SEO article several times otherwise it will not be recognized by the internet search engines. A writer can use the keyword in the main headline, between the chapter and inside the content itself.

Crisp and Concise

It is very true that most of the people believe that search engines like hard and long copies. But experienced copywriters are aware of the fact that SEO copies need to be crispy and concise. The keywords should be prominently written in clear paragraphs. The sentences should be brief and well written in uncomplicated language.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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