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The ‘How’ and the ‘What’ behind Writing a Whitepaper

Posted by on Jun 30 2012 | White Papers

What is the most ideal whitepaper? Technically, it is few pages of a report educating the readers about solving a product issue or it can also be a narrative of a new legislation.

To a fair extent, it can be called a marketing document, but one which does not deliver a sales pitch. Apart from touching-up on the issues with a product, it also enlightens the users about the advantages associated with that product.

Now with so many requisites to cater to, drafting a whitepaper that appeals to the intended audience is most definitely challenging, to say the least.

Who is it For? Before you start writing a whitepaper, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you are not writing for geeks. It is the general audience, which may or may not be aware of all the technicalities associated with that product. Highlight the proof points that they identify with the most. What your audience would be interested in knowing is that how a specific technology will unravel with the answers for the current business issues.

How to Start. At the end of the day, a whitepaper is a technical piece of document. Thus, introducing the whitepaper with a not-so technical abstract in the beginning won’t be a bad idea after all. Explain the purpose of the document in that whitepaper that would prompt the readers to be interested enough in knowing the details that follow.

When to Get Technical. Once you reach the technical part, elaborate on the issue on-hand. Whilst, it has to be scientific, do make sure you don’t use too many jargons that might confuse the readers.

Why they Need it. Educate the users about how the technology in question solves the problem. Readers need to know how that technology works and its applications. Put in context all the benefits that users of the product will obtain.

What to Conclude with. As with any other write-up, the way you conclude your whitepaper content is something that will go a long way in determining how well it is received. This is the part where the marketing aspect of it steps-in. Tell your readers why this technology offers them the best of solutions, giving them ample reasons to buy it.

These tactics would help you communicate more effectively with the audience by the means of your whitepaper. Though it does take few hits to write a reasonably good whitepaper, but once you get it, you know your writing skills have just reached a new level.

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Understanding the Need for White Paper Formulation

Posted by on Aug 09 2010 | White Papers

“White papers are very important for the growth of the business”. Who has not heard this line these days, but does anybody actually know what a white paper is?

Historically, a white paper is a report that conveys the socio-historical-politico position of the company. However, in recent years, the definition has changed. Now a white paper means a document that explains a certain product or technology. It is formulated in order to educate the owners of the company, investors, potential investors and the general public at large. It has a formal and official tone and avoids beating around the bush tendencies. It is, in fact, easy to understand despite the technical terminology.
A white paper is the expression of the company’s aims and objectives. It clearly states the concept that the company seeks to bring into the notice of the world.

White Papers are the company’s best bet as they help the company impress its existence onto the people it targets.  Typically, a good white paper brings about good solid and honest information about the company without the fluff and helps the investor understand the company’s objectives and policies.
It also aims at providing guidelines for intra company decisions and policies. It is the North Star that brings order and gives direction to the company’s managerial decisions.  It illustrates common business plans and the problems that occur thereof, in the carrying out of the business.

Every company needs a well formulated white paper to communicate its objectives but often the problem which arises is that the person making the report may be very good at administration but might not be the best man to communicate company objectives in the written form to all the interested parties. If the white paper is not formulated in a manner that is understood by all, the investor interest will be difficult to hold. This is why, companies are increasingly looking for good white paper makers.

White paper makers understand the decision maker’s need to have the minutest of details in front of him when he is about to take a very important step for the company. They understand that the matter needs to be crisp and detailed, yet concise. The reader must be able to understand the situation while scanning the document in a few glances.  Know the best and worst about your company in a minute. Take the decision that will enhance the credibility of your company. Outsource white paper formulation.

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Chalking the Whitepaper right……

Posted by on Dec 18 2009 | White Papers

A Whitepaper can make your business presence felt on the World Wide Web. Whitepaper has created more reading audience as it clearly brings out the idea the company wants to sell to the world. Some tips to help you create an effective whitepaper:

Audience Identification

Before writing an idea for the whitepaper you should know what genre of people you are catering to. You should know exactly which section of the industry is going to read your whitepaper. When you identify your audience you should then work on the idea. When a whitepaper is published it is read by students as well as industry experts’. The information in the paper should cater to the needs of everyone who is reading it. It is very important to know what the reader wants to read and what the reader doesn’t want to read. The information should be delivered in-depth and to explain each point, bullet points should be used. You should research the topic well and the latest facts and figures should be mentioned.

Create A Title

There should be a title for the whitepaper. The title should not be more than 20 words. The title should grab the attention of the reader for him to read further. If you want to create a memory appealing title it should not be more than seven words.

Impressive Introduction

In the introduction you should put forth a problem so that the reader goes further to read the solution to the problem. The introduction should not be more than half a page otherwise the reader will lose interest. Identify the topic you want to discuss and give a brief history of the problem which will grab the attention of the reader and then summarize the whole problem by providing a solution. The solution should be put in such a matter that the reader implements your suggestions.


It is important to provide a conclusion to the whitepaper. In the conclusion you should mention all the major points and give a final perspective to the reader about the entire content. The whitepaper should sell to the targeted audience and should have innovative ideas so that it becomes a success among the audience.

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