Caught in the Web of Keywords

Posted by on Oct 27 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

A person who has good grammar and command over the language can write good SEO articles, but, only till the time when s/he is not stuck by ten articles every day on the same keyword for next five days. Trust me this is the time when every writer has to face a few minutes or may be hour to sit and stare at the keyword on the screen to think about a new angle (that is just next to impossible) that s/he can give to the article. And then after thinking for a long time at last surrenders and change the format (this time lets add bullets to simplify) rather than a new angle to write one more article on the same keyword.

Sometimes it will be a pleasant surprise for you to write on a topic that you have never thought can be written about and it will be more interesting to know that the keywords just not match to the thyme of the articles. Being an SEO expert (one will become after writing a few sets on same keywords) all you can do is find ways to fit in the keywords, squeeze them, hide them do anything, but have them in your article. The best way to escape from this scenario is to match the topic with the knowledge you have and try and put in your own experiences related to that topic. Make sure that the keywords come in the articles with a natural flow.

You may also come across a time when you have to write on the topic that you never came across in your life. Do not stress yourself. Search and read as much as you can on the topic so that the number of articles can be completed. When writing SEO, think how to do rather than thinking what to do (though it will be not very easy for you to think in this manner). This will surely reduce your burden when you need to come up with ten original articles on the same keyword.

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  1. Sid

    We all know the pains to write an SEO write-up. Every content writer knows how difficult it is to write SEO articles, but it is a vital part of online marketing strategy. We just can’t do away with it. You have rightly pointed out the need to add in a little color while writing SEO articles and that’s, without any question, the only way to deal with the issue.

    28 Oct 2011 at 3:23 am

  2. Isha

    Dealing with SEO requires heaps of patience and also trains you for the other aspect of contentwriting, which focuses more on motive rather than creativity.

    28 Oct 2011 at 4:36 am

  3. excellent tips, i’m sure gonna use then when i get SEO articles. :D

    28 Oct 2011 at 5:04 am

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