Changing Trends in Advertising in India

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The Indian landscape is certainly one of the most diverse and abundant in the whole world. Here, the old intermingles with the new with an innate harmony. While India has underwent rapid urbanization, a majority of population still lives in rural and semi urban areas. In accord with these changes, advertising has also evolved to cater to the unique India demographic.

The Feel Good Factor: Ads that simply purported to the various the benefits of the product are fairly outdated. Now, people enjoy advertisements and seek for an entertainment value out of them. The advertisements are not focussed around the features of the product but how that product adds value to your life. The shift of emphasis has been from people’s mind to their heart.

Brand Value: Advertisers are not satisfied with the consumers making a single purchase; they are more interested in getting them to buy again and again. The centre-stage attraction of advertising is not the product now but the brand. Brand building has emerged as the foremost aspect of advertising.

The New Media: Internet is well on its way of becoming fairly ubiquitous throughout India. The sheer popularity of social media among the Indian youth has given advertisers a platform to effectively connect with a segment possessing a formidable purchasing power. Naturally, the share of online advertising in the overall advertising budget has augmented significantly. Social networking websites and video sharing websites have also emerged as test platforms for large advertising campaigns.

Targeted Approach: Advertisers now can’t afford to the stick to the “one for all” approach.  Ads are now specifically aimed at a key demographic rather than at the whole masses. Ad campaigns now consistently tap on niche markets to better establish the brand and more dedicated brand following.

Advertising has become more challenging than ever as the Indian consumer is now inundated with multifarious brands and products. As India moves towards becoming a more consumerist society, advertising also adopts to the change with innovation and creativity.

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  1. Anamika

    Kellogg’s tends to do that for every cereal available under its umbrella. So, it is not just about the brand that would sell everything but the product in itself must appeal the consumer with its variety.

    17 Sep 2012 at 6:24 pm

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