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People like me, who have a weird taste of watching films, just can’t assure their fondness with every other classic masterpiece that they see. However, there are few films which make you talk. Watching such movies is not just an experience altogether, it is the uniqueness of the film in a lot of respects which makes us spellbound. When we talk of horror, bloodshed is an inevitable element which is often associated with this genre of filmmaking. However, the cinema lovers all over the world have been served with different approaches with respect to horror which have often defied the usual definition of a horror film. Even though the core element of fear remains the same, the ability to knit it to different levels and producing a horrifying experience is all that makes the difference.

Stanley Kubrick – the master

Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic “The Shining” is worth a name in the library of classic horror tales. Stanley Kubrick has been known for his slow, scrupulous and extremely detailed works. He was one of those filmmakers who wanted their films to talk rather than resorting to unnecessary promotional hiccups. Stanley Kubrick never liked to talk much about his films and yet his films clearly exhibited the level of artistic control that he had over his films. Though he had the usual time constraints, but as far as the studio advantages were concerned, Stanley Kubrick had one of the best studio facilities in Hollywood.

“The Shining” was a classic in many respects – be it style, background score, new wave of montage in horror films, technique or cinematography. You sit in the couch and hope that the film will slowly develop the element of ‘fear’ as the film progresses in the next few hours. However, for this Stanley Kubrick classic it was the other side of the story. From the beginning itself, it takes you to horrifying levels of imagination and pumps your adrenaline so fast that you start having second thoughts about watching the entire movie for the next couple of hours. If you think you have enough balls to experience one of the most intrigued horror stories, you still might go through second, third, fourth…..and many more thoughts!

No Run of the Mill Horror

Of course the movie is not replete with gore and unnecessary violence, but when you witness human abilities and the extent to which they can go, it becomes a little creepy! The movie is based on 1977 horror novel with the same name, written by American author Stephen King. After Stanley Kubrick immortalized the story through his classic film work, the novel was adapted in a television mini-series in the year 1997. With Jack Nicholson in the lead, you can definitely expect some excruciating moments of weirdness and powerhouse performances. The central characters in the film comprise of Jack Torrence (Jack Nicholson), Wendy Torrence (Shelley Duvall), Danny Torrence (Danny Lloyd) and Dick Hallorann (Scatman Crothers).

Jack Torrence quits drinking after he hurts his son Danny accidentally, which he terms as an action of “few extra pounds of energy”. After quitting his job as a school teacher in Vermont, Jack lands up with the job of a caretaker in the Overlook Hotel in Colorado during the peak winter season. Jack Torrance and his family come down to Overlook Hotel soon after. Their son Danny Torrence is another important character in the entire story line of the film. While having a chat with the hotel’s cook, Dick Hallorann, Danny reveals his ability to gauge unexpected events in the hotel. Dick Hallorann explains Danny that he too has the ability to smell the unfortunate events, but not to the level of Danny. He also reveals that his grandmother called this unique ability of a human conscience to expect the unexpected as “Shining”.

Danny often has nightmares about weird events happening in the hotel premises. There are a few scenes in the film which have been used to the greatest optimum level to raise the horror quotient of the film. One of them is the ‘blood shot’ where a mammoth stream of blood flooding down the lavish hotel corridor accompanied by the images of two little girls standing right in front of the camera to signify merciless and unexpected death. Jack Nicholson’s slow and gradual transformation from a human to a psychologically tormented soul is remarkable. His ability to add to the complicacy and cruelty of Jack Torrance’s character will blow away your mind. Few scenes in the movie – his conversation with the Bartender in the Ball Room (Lloyd), waiter Dilbert Grady in the washroom, his encounter with the spirit of a naked woman lying in the bath tub of room no. 237, his deadly pursuit to kill his wife and son – are just examples of the actors ability to steal the show all the time.

If you really are a Jack Nicholson fan, “The Shining” shouldn’t be out of your list. Grab your meal, sit tight and be ready to get freaked out every time you see Jack Torrence in the screen!

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