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Posted by on Jun 04 2012 | Web Content Writing

Loose it. Don’t lose it.

We understand the question in your mind right now which is, ‘what is there to wonder about this title?’ Well, there is. When it comes to writing for web/digital space, the content is not just what is visible but what is sorted, recycled and to be taken home (No, not exactly. It’s the idea of perceiving). And there comes the thought of ‘loosening’ a bit.
Do not get me wrong with the last phrase, by loosening we do not suggest the language to be frivolous. The idea is to be smart and not uptight. Let’s just say how many times you have preferred leaving a website’s homepage because the content was not engaging enough (We get the virtual nods). Hence, you know where to set the right foot forward. Some of the suggestive tips are as follows:

•    Think beyond the rulebook. If the content has to be technical, deal with it in a separate arena and not on the landing page.(It can be troubling and often perceived with disinterest)
•    Introduce yourself right. Share the relevant information.
•    Make it personal and interactive (In the meantime, not losing the essence of the subject)
•    Be innovative at times. Talk of what is there to offer instead of figures and statistics. (Claims that are not certified backfire)
•    Bring the gist or highlights of different sections of the website on the landing page. It helps the traffic to breeze through with what might hold their interest.

Keeping these by your side you manage to let the ‘traffic’ stay and not bounce. Rest will follow, and so will the profits.


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  1. shivangi

    Clear, precise and simple..well written anamika

    04 Jun 2012 at 4:01 pm

  2. Rohit

    Some really useful tips put in a really simple manner.. ‘loosening’ a bit always works!

    04 Jun 2012 at 4:04 pm

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