Conundrums Of Ad Copywriting

Posted by on May 30 2011 | Copywriting

Ad Copywriting is tricky business, one that requires utmost finesse and pragmatism in writing, not to mention creativity. Picture this: you have a pen that you wish to sell to your friends. If you go with the same old monotonous droning, “This is a pen. It writes.” how many people do you think will respond to your call? Zilch. However, you say, “Hey guys, this pen has amazing features! You can use it as a nail-cleaner, entertainment device, self-defence weapon and for scratching parts of your body that you normally wouldn’t reach! Oh, and if you want, you can write with it too!” Which advertisement will succeed? Well, probably neither seeing as your friends are probably too broke or have pens of their owns, but the point is that to sell a product, one needs to go beyond the basics and revitalize the product with a refreshing charm that appeals to the target audience.

Ad Copywriting entails certain do’s and don’ts that need to be adhered to. Beware that purchasing space for advertisement content requires a fair bit of budget, and as a result, it is crucial that you generate enough revenue out of the ad so as to cover your expenses whilst making a substantial profit. This can only happen if the said advertisement content attracts enough eyeballs and consequent purchase by the audience so as to make it a success. Here are a couple of pointers that can give you a fair bit of understanding of how to go about copywriting for ads:-

Headline: Boon or Bane – The headline is your threshold on what makes the advertisement content click. It is essential to realize that most people treat ads as tough nuggets in an otherwise succulent meal. If you’re headline isn’t strong enough, then the best advertisement content in the world will not suffice to attract eyeball traffic. While copywriting for ads, you need to load your headline with the best feature that your product/service can boast of, and with a subtle play of words, present it in an appealing manner. This will definitely get a second glance out of your audience.

Humour is a tricky temptress – In Ad Copywriting, usually the best way to attract the public is to induce humour in your ads. Understandably, in a life full of stress and chaos, one does remember an ad that brings a smile. However, you need to be very particular with the kind of humour you present; it cannot be so specific that it is understandable only by a few sections of the audience. If you have imbibed your advertisement content with humour, try showing it to familiar people or someone who comes under the category of target audience. If it doesn’t click with them, simply re-work your content.

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