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With the mushrooming of various types of businesses in the scenario of globalization, there arises a separate need for creative experts. These creative experts have the requisite skill and knowledge to carry out and design a innovate concept that can be made into a base to establish the product in the market. An organization handling the advertising and conceptualization aspect of the product or services offered by a company is known as a creative agency or an advertising agency. The sole purpose of an ad agency is to create and plan the concept of promotion, through which a company will market its products. Promoting a product in the right manner is important for its survival in the cut throat competition. With new forms of social Medias coming up in this technologically advanced society, agencies constantly device new methods to reach out the consumers.

A Creative agency works at various levels to create an advertising campaign fit for the product. The main sole of any ad agency is the team of copywriters and art directors who formulate a concept and intelligently develop the content for the advertisement. After the concept team get an idea about the product from the account department the creative team generates ideas that can be worked on further. All the creative writing services work in tandem with the several production houses and production studios that further shape the concept. The production department is the next step of the process which is responsible for formulating the idea into a proper advertisement.

The main clients of a creative agency generally include private firms, NGO’s, multinational companies and government companies as well. These companies hire the ad agencies based on their requirement. There are various types of creative agencies in India such as, Specialist Advertising agencies, In-house Advertising Agencies, Limited-Service Advertising Agencies and even the new form of agencies called the SEO agencies and Social Media Agencies. The need is growing manifold and so is the output in terms of strategy.

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  1. Bloke

    Do you think a layman like me is eligible for jobs in this industry ? I was considering giving it a shot, being a skilled writer, albeit not professionally qualified for it.
    [ Im a BCom graduate ]
    Thank you

    27 Jul 2011 at 9:04 am

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