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Customer loyalty is something which can only garnered by sustaining an effective interaction between the brand and the customer. Social media, being the increasingly popular tool for socialising, has reinvented the dynamics of human communication. Thus,
social media presents a unique opportunity to marketers to establish a connection with their customers and earn their loyalty.

Real Time Connect: Just like people use the social media to maintain an uninterrupted contact with their friends and family, brands can also do the same with their customers with the help of social media. Social media lends an outlet to organizations for updating customers about the latest offers, discounts and promotions on a real time basis.

An Extra Ear: Social Media lets the brands listen what the customers are talking about them. Brands can improve on their products or services with the help of the feedback garnered through social media.

Redressal: With the help of social media any negative feedback from the customers can be readily addressed and resolved. Grievance redressal is among the key tenets of brand loyalty.

Rewards: Rewarding the customer naturally contributes towards the increasing the customer loyalty. Rewarding people through social media triggers a chain reaction which gives wider exposure to the brand and enhances its fan base.

Enhance Transparency: With social media, customers can know the brand much better. A brand can promote its purpose and ideology in a better to its key demographics. The customer can certainly get more involved with the brand with the help of social media.

Brand Awareness: You cannot expect to build brand loyalty until and unless your customers are aware of your brand. With the help of promotions of social media, you can make your brand the centre of attention for your target market.

Social media enables brands to have a casual dialogue with their customers and establish an understanding with them. This understanding ultimately contributes towards the establishment of loyalty with the end customer. This makes it imperative for every brand to have a unique social media strategy in place.

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