Delving Into The Depths: What Makes For Good Content?

Posted by on May 13 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

You know what is the main constituent that serves as a cartilage between a content writer and his audience? That reinforcing bond which draws eyeballs to a particular article/blog et al, and ensures repeat reading, with a satisfied sigh of contentment afterwards? It is when a content writer formulates his copy in such a way that the readers feel that they knew the plot all along, like it was simply niggling away at the back of their subconscious and was now, mercifully brought to the fore. That feeling of contentment instinctively forms an appeal for the write-up in the reader’s mind and makes him/her appreciate the value and message of the copy exponentially.

A good content writer can be suitably compared to an illustrious raconteur; if the said raconteur manages to transport his target audience to that mystical, fabled land of lore and make them feel like they are in the thick of the action, it’s a job well done for him and will draw loud applause at the end, along with a fat paycheck. Similarly, a good content writer needs to form a connection with his audience and through the impact of words, involve them as an integral part of the story, whether it is about travelling to exotic locations or something as arbitrary as chimney sweeping services in some remote corner of Birmingham. Forming a union with your reader is of prime importance; incepting that feeling of joyful satisfaction in their minds of knowing exactly what you were up to is just the succulent cherry on top.

Search Engine Optimization can be progressive only if good content rules the roost on the concerned website. For good content to prevail, the content writer must be able to get the desired message across in a crisp, concise and cohesive manner, without being overtly frivolous as this makes the content unfavourably exhaustive. Use of excessive number of pretty words is not advised. Lastly, tweak the article a little so as to accommodate the prescribed number of keywords, and voila, you have an article for the taking!

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