E-book or Paperback – Who’s the Best Storyteller?

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Some of us have still not isolated the idea of spending our leisure time with books. Although, we must ask the obvious question to ourselves once – do we really devote quality time in reading books, physically? A book in hands with our feet straightened in a lounge chair or in any other posture that one can imagine, while reading a book – how frequent is that sight these days? I dare question the revolution that technology has brought in to the human society and its elements of development. However, there are equal negative contours that technology has invited for the human race.


The Real Hard Work of a Writer

Sketching out a human mind’s fantasies or penning down real life experiences – the job of a writer includes tremendous hard work. Lifting a book in our hands conveys the appreciation that we decide to shower upon the creator of the book. When a reader succeeds in connecting with the story penned down in the book, he or she has just two ways to express the appreciation – call the book a trash or believe it to be a masterpiece. Thousands of writers worldwide have written about millions of stories till date. Some of them do succeed in cracking inside our heart; however, some seem to be too realistic or too fantasizing to believe in.

There is another way to look into it. We just can’t generalize the perception that a group of readers may have developed after reading a book. Every single region on this planet harbors a dynamic variety of human beings. We just can’t deny the fact that a story book would be equally loved and hated by a certain human population. Now, when we come to the ongoing cyber popularity of books, our definition of books as storytellers tend to take a completely different route altogether. Imagine yourself sitting on a chair for hours and trying to garner interest while reading a thriller by John Grisham. The answer lies within you and your love for books.


The New Short-Cut

Finding a book that you loved and craved for does not need money. All you need to do is click and you have your own personal piece of a ‘paperback’ novel. E-books have become the greatest source of building one’s own personal library. Reading e-books on laptops and desktops are passé. Tablet is buzz word for the new generation and it has almost cloned the feel of holding a book in our hands. Take it wherever and whenever you want it. So, does that threaten the publishing houses? Well, to some extent ‘yes’. However, they too have resorted to online marketing in order to stay in the competition.

The question is – who is the real storyteller? That may greatly vary from person to person. For those who consider books to be their best friends, a ‘paperback’ novel will always remain the best option to inject infotainment inside their cerebral faculty. However, people who are down the list of appropriate devotion to a story may resort to e-books for a quick understanding of the story!

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2 Responses to “E-book or Paperback – Who’s the Best Storyteller?”

  1. shivangi

    hmm..i don’t prefer one over the other..both are absolutely fine with me as long as the stuff they talk about is griping ..:)

    17 Mar 2012 at 8:47 am

  2. Sid

    Well, that holds true for everyone. But for me, paperback ‘ZINDABAD’.

    17 Mar 2012 at 8:50 am

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