Expressions Then and Now – The Changing Face of Poetry

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Change has not spared any thing or any one. No, not even poetry has been able to retain its original flavor. For good or for bad, things in the literary world have changed and that too like never before. Here is a poetic expression trying to unfold the many shifts that have made an irreversible impression on poems and prose.

The bygone era, no longer lingers, the coming one has no mention about.

Thoughts don’t stay for more than a second, and go away at the click of a mouse.


It may not be the best of poetic lines that you must have read, but is a sincere effort to bring you closer to the crux of this blog. In an era where everything is coming and going like a flash of light, including emotions, an encapsulating poem is a rare gem to find.

There was a time when even a poem lacking in purpose managed to spin a meaning out of it. Nothing lacked on the moral factor. When compared as of today, I feel there is always something or the other lacking. Is it the expression, the motive or the adressal, that is lacking, knows only the writer.

So why did Poetry Change in the First Place?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that poetry is born as a residual of moods and emotions. Adding to it is contemplation that further requires one to keenly observe ones acts, behavior, thoughts and actions. Research points out and literary geniuses support the reason that a combined effect of public neglect and rising careerism have led to this situation that is often termed as spiritual stagnation. A fast paced life topped with little or no place for emotional splurging has further diminished the attraction that poetry once held.

Is it all that bad?

Luckily enough, there is an amusing way in which the best of works always survive and flourish. Same is the case with poetry as some manage to keep its charm alive till date. So what if the world is changing, change is not all that bad. Language may have taken an entirely new direction, words may have become something that we type daily on key boards, but there are still some souls on this planet who believe that everything is Rhythm.

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  1. Rohit

    Everything indeed is rhythm….

    12 Apr 2012 at 6:35 pm

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