From Relating to Dating – How Content makes it Happen

Posted by on Jun 18 2012 | Content Writing

For someone who has always abhorred and dreaded the concept of matrimonial sites and wedding planners,  could it get better than being awarded the task of scripting content for one of the many spawning ‘ matrimonial sites’? Well, I guess just like marriages this was also destined. No offence, but although I don’t believe in this institution, I have absolutely no qualms writing on and about it. And, with the inquisitive fire in my belly about why would somebody who is a nobody to you will provide you with what the matrimonial sites and wedding planners call ‘services’, I began my new assignment on ‘writing for a matrimony website’.

The Beginning

 It all started with a two day long search. I set my mind on short-listing the best of the references available on the internet and using them later while penning down the content. Why did it take me the entire two days? Well, my search was quite elaborate, 60 short-listing to be precise. Sadly, I used only 6 of them. But, then that’s what search is all about, stocking up on the best of the stuff available, be it sites or matrimonial profiles.

The End

 I am not very sure whether it is the end or just the beginning, because although my work is done and dusted, the feedback remains. It was a week long assignment (guessing) which has been completed with the help of some really good references and a little creative genius. Keeping fingers crossed for the feedback.

Everything In Between

 Having written for almost 5 or 6 websites now, I can say that my confidence about understanding the client requirements has increased from a scale of 4 on 10 to 7 on 10. While working on this particular assignment I took a backward to forward working approach starting with the technicalities and then came to the main pages that required me to add frills. This way I understood the entire process and functioning better; therefore, the chances of factually going wrong were thin. Searching for taglines and writing quotes for a matrimonial site was another thing on my ‘to-do’ list. Having written around 10 of them and getting a ‘rejected mail’ for all of them, I penned another set of 10. Hard work it was but then it was also fun. In the process I also stumbled upon a few like ‘for getting the right one, for get the wrong one’.

The take home for me and all of you who have made an effort to reach till here reading this post is that, always make your research as elaborate and wide as possible. Relate to the purpose and vision of existing players in the market and try to understand ‘Why’ are they promising so. Try to understand what the audience is looking for and what kind of services will appeal to it. Only once you understand the psychology behind the initiative shall you start scripting the website content.


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  1. Rajashree

    A good read!

    18 Jun 2012 at 2:10 pm

  2. Rohit

    Yeah, beginnings are always the hardest… and longest I might add. as for the matrimonial website research, it must have been quite an experience… because you do stumble upon so many funny advertisements about the ‘to be’ var and vadhus!

    20 Jun 2012 at 10:47 am

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