Google Plus- An Unexplored Marketing Tool

Posted by on Apr 11 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Needless to say, Social media as a marketing trend has proved to be a blessing for businesses around the world. Being on social networking websites has helped many businesses improve their brand image and personality. Go on the search tab and you would find each and every brand present with many followers. While busy planning their social media marketing strategies aggressively for Facebook and Twitter, what many brands are missing out is an equally effective networking giant- Google Plus.

Google plus has a lot of offer to each business for growth and for instant recognition. Ahead of other networking giants in terms of control over privacy and its SEO features, here is how Google plus can help a great deal in promoting a business-

Share- You can create your own company or brand page on Google plus and it gives you the freedom to share updates, promotions, links, pictures, news etc. This helps you stay in touch with your customers and clients in a convenient way.

Circles- Circles is probably the most talked about feature on Google plus. Circles let you segment your followers in different groups. A company can divide its clients, employees and customers in separate circles to have a more focused and targeted approach.

Measure- Google plus is much ahead of its counterparts, when it comes to privacy and at the same time it allows a business to measure how its follower’s interactions are affecting the brand and the overall business.

Hangouts-The hangout feature is probably the most useful for businesses spread across the globe. It enables video chat with over ten people at a time, a feature that can eliminate the high costs of web conferencing. So, next time you have to interact with a client or customer from another country, you know whom to rely on.

SEO- Another useful trick for businesses working hard for generating traffic is the SEO feature. Google plus gives some links to its users that Facebook and Twitter don’t. It helps a website or a blog improve their overall search engine rankings for the growth of their brand.

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