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Logos have always managed to create a place for the business in the corporate world. These tiny little symbols hold the power of making an enormous impact on the entire macro-environment of the business. Some of the most well-renowned and impressive logos that represent great companies today have a unique story to tell. Thee logos were never conceptualized in the way they have been perceived. Nevertheless, they are a tremendous hit. Here are a few

The McDonald’s Logo: The M here was never meant to be an M. It was rather an arc that was at the time of the conceptualization of the idea, was used on the sides of hamburger restaurants. The logo however, became popular as the M representing McDonald’s and since then is communicating the same view.

Adidas: Not only the logo of brand Adidas speaks of a story, the name to is an abbreviation that a few know about, Adidas stands for all day I dream about sports. The symbol or the logo of Adidas represents the peaks of a mountain that represent future growth.

 Sharp: This Japanese company has a logo communicating only its name. However, this simple logo too clearly conveys its essence to the world. The font that has been used in the logo has sharp edges and a sharp color. The name of the corporation itself comes from the product that it sold during its incorporation, which was a mechanical pencil (the Ever-Sharp).

The above cited examples give a clear vision of the power of a logo. Perception also plays an important role in what a logo communicates to the outer world. Logos hence can be considered as a powerful business tool that holds the capacity to attract customers.

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