Mobile Marketing: A Big Business in India

Posted by on Apr 10 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

Mobile marketing is a new trend in the marketing world. Being an entrepreneur, if you are still thinking what this new trend is all about, you surely need to catch the business week updates. Mobile marketing defined in simple language means, use of mobile phone as a means of marketing or distribution of any kind of advertising message to the existing and potential customers. It means that your mobile phone is no longer only used for e-mails and accessing social media, it has become a marketing tool. So next time you get a message that offers you a discount on a product, you know you are hit by mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing includes, providing customers with personalised information, time and locations, promoting ideas, goods and services. Mobile has played a significant role in making marketing efforts successful, reason being the reach of the mobile phone. Presently, there are 330 million mobile subscribers, and the number is ever increasing. As far as reach is concerned, even the top most businessmen have confessed that a simple SMS has done wonders in promoting their business. Knowing the fact that mobile marketing is not as cost-effective as print or television, marketers are still ready to invest in it. This is because the advertisers know that if once the message is sent using mobile phones, customers will surely see the text message the next moment.

Apart from being a lucrative tool for the marketers and advertisers, mobile marketing has been intruding in the customers’ private space. In order to keep a check on this medium, the National Do Not Disturb (NDND) and NDNC Registry of the mobile number, who are not interested to get such promotional messages, work to safeguard customers’ private space.

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