Moving onto Multiplicity

Posted by on Dec 04 2012 | entertainment industry

When the television was not there, one could just dream of it but now, everything seems possible. The vast expanse of technological possibilities has just touched another milestone with multiple platform features. Multiple-platform is a simple idea that would allow people to watch videos, movies, telecasts over any chosen medium of mass communication, be it television, computers or mobiles.

Maximum Coverage: If a tele-series or a movie feature is going to be telecasted or can be viewed on multiple platforms, it becomes a total win for the producers. In none of the other ways can one imagine to cover a larger part of the audience as this one brings increased viewership.

More Sponsorship: Use of multiple-platforms allows for more media space and new opportunities of sponsorship. This one is a welcome thing for both the feature makers as well as the advertisers, who can catch on the prime time slots.

Connecting the Dots: Multiple-platforms allows producers to set up a virtual environment where viewers can be involved in a game setting and the plot be spread out over different slots. They would have to chase the story over platforms to keep pace and get the story together.

Ease to Fleet: For viewers, it becomes an easy option with a feature that may have compatibility with multiple platforms, allowing them to reach out to any available option at hand to watch it. This leaves out no issue of missing out on the favorite show.

Catch on Later: In other case, one may choose to do otherwise, if the same feature has different slots of appearance on multiple-platforms, one can choose to catch on the show later if missed out on an episode. Apart from that one always has the option of recording a show for a later watch.

With media houses vying for developing products that has multiple platform compatibility, people are just in for more entertainment, with flexibility and ease redefined. Life could not get more entertaining than this.

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  1. shivangi

    Not to forget, it allows innovative shopping! :)

    05 Dec 2012 at 6:29 pm

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