Multidirectional dimensions: Advertising

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“Wherever you go, we follow” a tagline adopted by a popular networks co. not just aptly takes forward its brand but so subtly defines the whole essence of advertising. Buyers are always accompanied or so to say followed by sellers, they can never be alone. This definition is holding more truth and significance, especially today.

A traditional definition of advertising would say “It is a means of communication to persuade buyers to purchase the offerings of the sellers…” but in an evolving, encompassing and strategic era of today, this definition seems incomplete and humdrum. Advertising holds a much wider perception today and is growing by leaps and bounds in order to seep into the lives of the consumer.

Leaving apart the already exhausted channels of communication, advertising is shifting to more hybrid channels like twitter, blogging site and to company owned social media mediums like Facebook accounts and website pages. An effective communication no longer ends with a good TV commercial or an attention-grabbing advertisement in the print.

India is in a middle of a makeover where new strokes of brush define and reshape the way it has been looked upon by the world. New companies are barging-in and existent corporations are expanding to mammoth proportions. This change has started a ripple effect that is going in every direction, leaving no potential consumer in the way.

How advertising shapes up in India is going to be an interesting tale in the coming years. 1.2 billion Population, 114 languages, 214 mother tongue speakers and more than 8 major religions; need I say more?

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  1. “where ever you go, we follow” method of advertising does become annoying at times, especially when you are trying to avoid them.

    11 Nov 2011 at 12:22 am

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