My Tryst with Content Writing

Posted by on Sep 26 2008 | Content Writing, From the Writer's Desk

Like every other child, even I used to dream about being an astronaut when I grow up. I used to fantasize about going in the space where earth seemed like a colorful crazy ball and stars looked like giant balls of fire. But like every kid around me, that dream was lost. Instead of choosing a profession that could help me go to space, I chose a profession that required signals to be transmitted, Media. I never thought that I could write, I always thought I was a boring writer who never got good marks in English essay writing and who always wrote clichéd stuff. But after sitting unemployed at home for 1 month, I tried my hand at content writing. Initially I was little hesitant but as I progressed, I realized even I could do it. I realized that content writing means far more than just writing. Here are a few aspects of content writing profession that I have explored during my 2 month long profession as a content writer. Most of these aspects are elusive to a majority of people.

  • Content writing is not about making tricky sentences loaded with heavy vocabulary, but about building new relationships with the usual simple and colloquial words. This is because as every other media, content is also targeted at masses; hence it needs to have a language, a style that is comprehendible by all.

  • Content writing doesn’t require just knowledge of language, but it requires you to be observant about everything that is happening across you. As a content writer one comes across myriad projects where you have to write for individuals as well as businesses from various industries. You are expected to speak your customer’s language; hence it is very important that you have a wide scope of knowledge about various industries and businesses.

  • Content writing also requires research and analysis. I was a little surprised when my boss told me that every creative job requires a thorough research and analysis of the objectives of a project and now after having experienced it myself, I couldn’t have agreed more. I have come to realize that as a writer you would need to know the aims and the target audience for a particular project to articulate it successfully. An extensive research will be required to understand you client’s industry and the target audience’s psyche, only then you can match their pulse and grasp them through your content.

I never believed in this, but now I think everyone of us can write, the only pre requisite for it is to put your soul into each and every word that you write. I have enjoyed my last two months as a content writer and never felt exhausted after a day’s work, because as they say, if you love thy labour, you would never get tired of it.

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  1. Boss

    Divya, I don’t quite agree that everyone can write. You need to have a flair for that. I have grown in confidence with your writing skills and I am happy to know that you have consciously been analyzing your profile carefully.

    11 Nov 2008 at 4:21 pm

  2. BigMIke…

    I am So Lucky That I found your blog and great articles. I will come to your blog often for finding new great articles from your blog.I am adding your rss feed in my reader Thank you…

    30 Apr 2009 at 11:31 pm

  3. ramiya

    Hi Divya
    i totally agree with your boss about the ability to write being inherent and not acquired. Either way, i suppose you could enlighten me with more tips on content writing, especially on the factor of fee quotes in freelancing.

    02 May 2009 at 2:46 pm

  4. Atanu Mondal

    Divya, You have some really simple and useful suggestions for someone like me who have just started learning the ropes!! I’m yet to gain a firm footing in this profession as I’m just one month into this.If could suggest some good books or really great tutorial sites for beginners it would be really helpful of you.I’ve done my M.A. in English literature and don’t know how to go about content writing.Thank you.

    13 May 2009 at 8:47 am

  5. Great article on Content Writing.

    29 Jul 2009 at 4:21 pm

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