Niche Advertising: The Power to Appeal More

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It would be a defying act but it is true. The very fact that niche means something attached to somebody’s specific preference may now be encroached upon by a different space altogether. Marketers and advertisers have realised this phenomenon early on and have clearly taken heed of that. Niche advertising is meant for products or services for a very segregated section of the population and at times it may take into account factors like lifestyle, spending habits, income group etc. Coming to that, what has recently been noticed is that niche advertising is making a bigger appeal to the audience in general.

The Sentiment
It is well known that advertising plays upon the hidden psychology of emotion. This clearly gives niche products a different standing. People more often than not start associating niche products as something special and thus, getting attracted towards it is natural. Ferrero Rocher chocolates would be a humble example here.

The Aspiration
Niche services are already positioned as something desirable in the market, be it exclusive bone china or a SUV. The play is that the ones who can afford it would have to have it and the ones who are still undecided, will be pushed towards it. Sometimes a ‘limited edition’ tag makes it all the more necessary to be acquired.

The Association
It is not so easy to notice but it is there with all individuals. The psychology of association with a group or variety of individuals with similar taste, representing particular lifestyle is quite common. This is another strong reason of how niche advertising gets to a wider network of people because there are a good number of these association seekers who like to buy, wear, use and flaunt products to get attached to the group.

While some of the above arguments are not being discovered on the surface but they are valid and work huge favours for the marketers. Niche advertising has never been as popular as it is now. It is certainly serving out a bigger purpose than is intended or rather moulded so to do that instead.

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