Penning Down a Business Plan

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It is said that some of the greatest ideas for a business plan are found scribbled at the back of a tissue paper. And, so I wonder about the stock (of tissues) that someone with an outstanding business plan might have.

Take a look at the points below and you will realize that writing a business plan is no rocket science.

a)      Understanding the Business: The first and the most challenging task for writing a business plan is understanding the type of industry/business that you are writing the plan for. Having done this, ascertain the tone of the plan that has to be inked.

b)      Preparing a Summary: Even though this is something that comes at the last, its importance is only next to “understanding business”. Since it is the summary that most investors read, it has to be informative, concise, extremely well written and thought provoking.

c)      Segregating the Heads: With business plans, organization is really important. Therefore work on the index before framing the main content. Take a book-writing like approach and begin with deciding the head as well as sub-heads of the plan.

d)      Understanding the Tone: A business plan is always, always written in a formal language. An organized structure, smooth transitions and a professional language is the right mix for a business plan.

Ascertaining the audience is also important to frame the content for a business plan. Last but not the lease, persuasive content makes the business sell.

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