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Writing content for a website is all about striking the right balance between persuasiveness and capability to convey an idea across. There are many well known website owners who outsource their web content to professional writers.

The reason being their expertise in writing web content both effectively and attractively, paying special attention to Search Engine Optimization needs. Keeping in mind the increasing need of professional writers, many Professional writing Services have come up in the online content domain. However the thing about SEO articles is that even though they are easy to write they are ones that can go terribly wrong as well. If the structure of the SEO article is not right and does not provide any worthwhile information to the reader then it is of no use. The first negative effect of this is that it will leave the client confused and he will have to struggle to find out more about the website or the product.

A customer always looks for something that pertains to him or something that is of his interest, in case he doesn’t find any of these he loses interest. Second negative effect is that the reader won’t be able to see you as an expert in your field. Good content reflects the ideals and the concepts of a company if the impact is lacking the reader won’t be impressed. If you are planning to hire a professional writing service then make sure that the content reflects your expertise and capability. The professional writers should have a very clear idea about the kind of content you expect and as a writer you will have to keep in mind the key writing principles and use them to devise the draft of your content. It might sound like a very lengthy procedure but it will eventually save a lot of time. In the end keep in mind to come up with content that is not only convincing but coherent as well, only then will you be able to lure potential clients.

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  1. Dear Mikhil,

    I quite agree with you on your post, we are a bootstrapped startup and I am always on the look out for good content writers. Even with a pre-defined structure (& Content) to a blog post, lot of writers miss the target by spaces.

    I have now taken up the exercise of trying to review a CR’s portfolio before even settling on one. Having surfed though your blog and the nature of it’s content, would you like to provide inputs to our blog posts (

    Since I was not able to find your blog’s affiliation to any organization, it would be great if you can share more ideas with me via mail –



    07 Jul 2011 at 4:52 am

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