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Posted by on Jun 25 2010 | Content Writing

While writing a profile might ring a bell for most of you as creating a profile for a dating service; however, in the copywriting world it means to profile an eminent personality, business or place. Though most would consider writing a profile as a simple accumulation of facts, there are various other aspects that need to be kept in mind before presenting these “facts”.

Herein we shall ponder over the intricacies of writing a profile for a hotel. Just like creating any other profile, it includes exploring and showcasing the background and character of the hotel. In order to tastefully present the character of the hotel one must bear in mind the following –

Understand The Objective Of The Profile – Spend some time to evaluate what is the objective of writing the profile. Is it to market the hotel or is it to simply report to the audience? Once this is clear, you can select the tone of the content to be conversational or informative.

Understand The Target Audience – One of the most essential elements of creating a successful copy is to understand the target audience. In this case you need to identify whether you are catering to an elite group or a younger and more spontaneous group. This shall help you decide on the language and manner of presenting the facts.

Research – Ideally, there is nothing as authentic as visiting the hotel and getting your information first-hand. However, with tight deadlines hovering above it would be more prudent to research your facts from a reliable source, which is mostly likely the hotel’s official website or a marketing affiliate.

Follow A Pattern – While this has less to do with copywriting and more with the layout of the website; however one must follow a consistent pattern to present the information. First, since it makes for an easier read and second, as it ensures readers frequent your site for its professionalism and consistency.

Writing The Textual Body – Once you have decided upon the tone and language, the next step is to prioritize the information you want to showcase. Since the space for text in such profiles is usually restricted, it would be best to incorporate only the highlights of the hotel rather than discussing general information like its proximity to a highway in order to keep the reader engaged and make it a substantial read.

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