Real can always be fictitious

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When you see some of the most astonishing and interesting frames of human civilization, your mind wonders about the pinnacle of dynamism that the ‘Creator’ has bestowed to the blue planet. If you are infected with the ‘creative’ bug in your cerebral administration, you will definitely pen down the experiences in your notebook. However, if these experiences are a part of your journey and you are in one of the wildest regions of the world, you would definitely love to make it a part of your travelogue! There will be a few raised hands for a unanimous response to the question of “How many of you do not like travel writing?” No one would bet on this issue and I can bet on this, very surely.

Who will hate to soak in some fresh air just by reading a travel article on a particular hill station? No second thought can compete for it, but fiction has always been the most loved and the most demanding genre of writing, and this is not new to the human civilization. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but when both of them merge upon, you get to see hybridized form of human perception. Surprisingly, this particular outlook of looking at things has already brought a lot of kudos for people who have resorted to this particular style of travel writing.

When the spice of fiction is sprinkled all over a travel experience, the entire plot of the story takes a different turn altogether. Now, there is an obvious question which may linger around now in your mind and that will definitely be about the necessity of dragging in fiction in travel writing. There can be an end number of reasons behind it. Different people may have their own reasons. For some bunch of travel enthusiasts, fictional travel writing has come far away from the art of creating fictional cities, villages and civilizations in the universe. Today, fiction-fused travelogue is a nascent description about real life experiences.

Not all experiences are pleasant for a human on this planet. Each and every travel enthusiast must have gone through some untold terrain of fantasies which he/she might have kept enclosed in their minds. All they want is the right time and the needful platform to brush away the rust and give it a shot, bring in some interesting account of their weird and interesting experiences. Fictional travelogues these days are just like entertainment capsules which are considered to be necessary to strengthen a refined taste of creativity. So, it is not necessary that you vomit your real life experiences while travelling to place ha been highly embarrassing. Put in someone else as the travel protagonist and let it take all your pains, though you may not completely get out of bitter experience!


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  1. excellent point. Adding a dash of fiction to large helping of fact coupled with a pinch of creativity certainly makes a great travelogue recipe.

    19 Sep 2011 at 1:23 am

  2. Isha

    @siddhartha- travel writing is considered to be one of the most creative writing across all the genres… even if a person would not want to visit the place, the intriguing writing is always a good read :)

    19 Sep 2011 at 1:31 am

  3. Mikhil

    While it is true that enmeshing a judicious degree of fiction into one’s travelogue does make for an interesting read, it is crucial that fiction works as a supplement of the subject in question, not the other way round. I once came across a travel write-up which had so many fictional snippets and rambling sub-plots that one tended to forget what was actually being talked about. Basic information, tourist descriptions and fiction should be maintained in a harmonious balance to produce useful, yet enjoyable travel content.

    19 Sep 2011 at 2:06 am

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