Recipe for Bloggers: Have You Tasted It Yet?

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It is a believe-it-or-not moment for this blog to have taken shape and an equally unusual space for it to appear. But we like surprises, don’t we? When it comes to blogging, there is a very competitive set of writers who are beating the other genres. They are making good money as well. It is time that before one hits the art of blogging; one should have a look at the happening cookery blogs that have a thing or two to say.

Flavour: One of the crucial elements of cookery blog is the content. Unless an author chooses to stick to a style of cooking or a particular region e.g., the world is the platter. The point to be taken home is that keeping the options open gives an advantage in competition.

Catalogue: The cookery blogs offer variety over the range of cooking. There are recipes available from around the world with details that gives step wise guidance towards cooking. Thus, cataloguing becomes an important aspect. It is a crucial lesson for bloggers as a catalogued blog help readers to browse through content.

Richness: The richness part lies in the picturesque presentation. These cookery blogs beat every other in style, photography and appeal. The dishes are presented in rich, colourful setting making the blogs an absolute delight in read like Evidently, making a strong connection with an online reader requires a good mix of writing and visual.
Share: It may look like that this is meant only for a food fanatic but not necessarily. Here’s an important point to note. The way the participants and readers share their favorite recipes on these blogs is an inspiration. It means for the blogger half the battle is won. For a blogger to get the readers talking, it is important to engage into one or begin a subject that sparks off a conversation.

We suggest trying the above ingredients to make a blog an interesting one. It takes a little motivation, a bit of skill, a pinch of dedication and some artistry for the touch up for a perfect blog recipe. Blog Appétit.


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  1. shivangi

    While most of the food bloggers stick to only the above mentioned points, there are a few others who cook something extra. “Differentiation”, I would say, is the key.

    29 Jan 2013 at 5:24 pm

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