Reddit as a Marketing Tool

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Reddit is a unique social news website that operates on a very simple concept. Owing to the exceedingly simple interface of Reddit, marketing on Reddit requires a slightly different approach.

1.    Work on the Title: Reddit is basically a bulletin board which lists titles of currently trending posts. Apparently, the title of the post play a major role in inviting clicks from other users and therefore also influences post’s ranking on Reddit.

2.    Tag it: SEO practices like adding tags can significantly augment the chances of your post being found by other users. However, don’t stuff the post with tags and only use relevant ones.

3.    Participate: Reddit is a social community that rewards participation. If you wish to solely promote your business on Reddit, then it probably would not favour you. The more you vote other articles up, the more followers you garner. With a large base of followers, the chances of your article being ranked higher also increases.

4.    Submit Quality Content: In order to rank your posts higher, you must only submit quality links and content which may be of some use to other users.

5.    Track the Trend: An analysis of Reddit’s top link section can offer a deep insight into the trending topics on Reddit. It is viable to create posts based upon the trending topics on Reddit.

6.    Be Consistent: Posting prolifically and regularly will help you to build your reputation in the Reddit community.

7.    Network: Your friends have a ready access to all your posts. By making more friends on Reddit you can market your business much more efficiently on Reddit.

8.    Add Visuals: Visuals always go a long way in making your posts look more attractive and appealing.

Reddit attracts a more than 35 million visitors every month. Though, Reddit is not as popular as other mainstream social media sites, marketers cannot afford to ignore the rich potential it offers.

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    I definitely support a lot of visual/videos.:)

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