Responsibility As A Writer

Posted by on Nov 05 2011 | Content Writing

Knowledge is good only when it’s right and accurate. False facts, misconstrued ideas and distorted information are even worse than being ignorant. Earlier knowledge was imparted only through the knowledgeable and erudite individuals who used take up this good work with the intention of enlightening the lives of many. But today, in this fast paced world, information is easily accessible online and is flowing from all directions. Not just one way, in this constant to and fro movement of information from different sources, many times wrong facts seep in to manipulate the readers or learners.

Amateur writers do not understand the importance of facts and information and the ill-effects it can render. Not just plain writing, topics that demand accurate facts and sensitive matters demand responsible writers. Controversial issues pertaining to nationalism, religion and other issues need writers that can write from a dual perspective.

Internet’s scope is exponentially increasing with many people heavily relying on the facts and figures provided on it. Not just for commercial purpose, more and more people are using internet as a means of self expression and to reach out to a wider audience at one go. It is important for a writer to take into consideration sentiments of the people since the purpose of writing is to educate and hurt and disparage anyone.

Other aspect that imposes more stress on the responsibility is while writing technical and medical content. This specialized writing demands the writer to be attentive and wary of any mistakes. Even omitting or repeating a singer number can result in dire consequences for the reader. Patients might try remedies mentioned in an article without consulting any doctor. Whom to hold responsible for the mishap that will follow after that?

It’s high time that writer’s as professionals take responsibility and accountability for what and why they write. Internet too, requires monitoring so that it becomes more reliable and trustworthy. Today more than genuine, there is a host of false information floating on the net that ask for urgent attention.

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  1. sonam

    Right Isha…it is extremely important that the writers start realizing their responsibilities.

    05 Nov 2011 at 8:00 am

  2. people should realize that the internet is not the last word when it comes it information, especially about medicines. they should always consult professionals.

    08 Nov 2011 at 3:31 am

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