Rising From The Ashes Of Anonymity

Posted by on Nov 02 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

Sometimes I wonder why people kept a pseudonym while writing a book, was it because they wrote about something controversial or because they had apprehensions if they could even write, but there was a lot more to this fact. There were times when women writers were considered inferior to their male counterparts and hence kept a male pseudonym to become accepted and read in the society. Even those female writers preferred to remain in anonymity for the fear of being rejected and admonished. The biggest example of the 21st century that comes to belittle us is, J.K. Rowling, the writer who sold more than 400 million copies for her maniacally famous ‘Harry Potter’. She launched her first book of the series with a pseudonym – Joanne Rowling. Everyone is aware of George Eliot, A.M Barnard and Andy Stack that have stirred the bestseller lists and won numerous literary awards but names such as Mary Ann Evans, Louisa May Alcott and Ann Rule are still mysterious to masses. The latter are the names of female writers behind the so-called renowned names.

It’s difficult to imagine a world of literature sans female authors whose books we repeatedly read and regard as classics. The saddening part is that despite all the accomplishments, writers’ credibility is still judged on basis of the gender. But can we only blame only those narrow minded publishers? After all, they act according to the mindset of the masses. Female authors have constantly challenged the stereotyping and still do. People somewhere question these unnecessary beliefs that they have associated themselves for no obvious reason and for those who still firmly believe in the orthodox and sexist perception; it’s time for them to feed their century old starving brain cells.

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