SEO under Panda-Raaj

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The Panda created pandemonium when it was first rolled out in February 24, 2011. Webmasters from around the world were once again reminded that no matter what, Quality will remain the king of content. As content farms all around the world struggled to escape the clutches of the Panda, a number of writings on the internet were banished to some the end of Google listings.

The Panda arrived and conquered; and, SEO never remained the same.

Even though we have discussed quality as per Panda, before, we shall run a cursory glance through the Panda algorithm once again. Aimed at considerably improving the search result quality, Google Panda, now considers the most shared content as the most qualitative. So instead of the keyword density it will now be the Google Plus count of sharing that will determine your edge over the others. On a wider perspective, the bigger role of the Panda is to bin content that provides poor user experience.

But We aren’t Here to Talk About Another Panda Story!!

We ain’t here to sit back and grumble about how Panda gorged up our entire farm. We are here to resist its impact. So if your site was recently pushed down the ladder by the Panda, it’s time to get your ranking back. How do you do that? Five simple tips:

  • Stop using black hat methods
  • Optimize usage of coding and linking
  • Take design seriously
  • Update your content regularly
  • Focus on quality

Since the Panda is most likely to attack websites that lack suitable SEO structure and contain too many adverts, it is essential to organize your work prior to making it available over the internet. No website can be “perfect”, but this excuse doesn’t work anymore. The quality standards have been raised significantly. Stop frowning and get down to business.


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  1. Anamika

    Marketers learn only by experience. Stumbling upon a quality issue in this case would be one way of how the content gets upgraded.

    30 Aug 2012 at 9:58 am

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