Simple Steps To Cracking Web Copywriting

Posted by on Mar 24 2010 | Copywriting

In essence, web copywriting is quite similar to traditional sales writing as they both aim at creating a need in the audience and thereby generating sales. However, the list of similarities between the two ends here as web copywriting needs to incorporate one very distinct element, i.e., SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Web copywriting that is SEO-friendly has become the need of the hour as writing for the virtual business is not the same as writing for the regular business. As web copywriting basically needs to incorporate keywords at a certain frequency to be adjudged SEO-friendly, this can become quite a challenging task at times.

In order to create a web copy that is not only engaging but also fetches the desired results, keeping the following guidelines while web copywriting shall help:

  1. Understand your audience: The most basic criterion to web copywriting, or any other for that matter, is to understand the audience you are catering to. Web copywriting is quite similar to other forms of writing in this context. You cannot create a need for the audience if you do not understand who you are writing for. You need to find your target audience and understand their needs.
  2. Understand your product or service: The next obvious criterion to web copywriting is to understand the product or service thoroughly. Unless you understand what you are selling, you cannot position it intelligently to the reader. While putting a few open-ended ides into your copy can generate enough curiosity to get readers to comeback, a vague copy can actually do quite the opposite and get rid of any prospective consumers.
  3. Present value addition by the product or service: The success of web copywriting, or any other form of writing, largely depends on how you present the value added by the particular product or service. Since only a handful of products or set of services can truly claim to be new, informing the audience about the novelty of this particular item requires true web copywriting skill.
  4. Research, placement and frequency of keywords: The essence of web copywriting lies in cracking the keywords and later their incorporation into the text at frequent intervals. While research helps zero in on the most appropriate keywords, deciding on their placement and frequency is the challenge that web copywriting presents. Along with persuasive language that can capture the attention of the reader and mould their interest, the keywords need to be incorporated without making them obvious or the copy awkward.
  5. Editing and proofreading: Web copywriting too is incomplete without appropriate editing and proofreading. A copy that has typo, grammatical or spelling errors can be quite an annoying read no matter how well the concept is written or the keywords incorporated. A thorough read in the end is a must.
  6. Practice: Last but certainly not the least, web copywriting needs quite some practice in order for you to master the discipline. With new skills and concepts to be incorporated, web copywriting presents challenges that can be overcome only by regular practice and learning from the errors made in each attempt.

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  1. Rohit

    Web copywriting is an art and a science. Cosima has very well illustrated all the points one needs to keep in mind, as mandated by the science of web copywriting.

    05 Apr 2010 at 6:47 am

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