Social Media on a Multinational Platform

Posted by on Aug 17 2012 | digital marketing, SMO

We are social.

Global? May be.

Globally on the same level? Not at the present.

It is surprising overwhelming that one of thebiggest challenges before social media is to become a “multinational platform”. Otherwise, it is failing to be an efficient channel of communication. However, becoming truly multinational is easier said than done. Look at it this way: Your business has multiple networks, a number of profiles in various languages. But, how do you exercise maximum control on each and every aspect of social media? Managing cross-cultural issues can be extremely tricky and challenging. But is there a way out? Yes, there is.

Since the problem of Multinational Social Media lies in its vast reach, its solution lies in defining the audience. And, then all you need to do is treat YOUR audience like YOUR universe.

Setting a “Social Style Guide” will prove to be of great help. So if your business is contemplating setting up Social Media on a Multinational platform, work on a social style guide to be adhered to by your audience. However, this doesn’t mean that you curb the freedom of those accessing the platform. Instead introduce tactic that bring in flexibility, while at the same time, covey uniformity.

As a Social Platform of business it is important that your brand and business both speak the same language. In other words, the social profiles of your business should exhibit you as you are. Not just the facts, figures and essential detail should be true, but, the style in which you present yourself should reflect your identity.

List Your Priorities and handle them first. As a multinational, it is extremely important that you prioritize your social media activities. This way you can manage the most critical of activities in the shortest span on time. Proceed logically, and systematically. On a multinational platform, you will also need to synchronize your priorities. Don’t leave any thread loose and remain connected.

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  1. Rajashree

    Social media is no longer constricted to personal use. I’ve seen a lot of smart advertising using the popularity of these social networking websites. I think we’re nearing the age of complete market domination by these new media platforms.

    23 Aug 2012 at 9:54 am

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