Social Media Tools and Their Uses

Posted by on Mar 21 2012 | Content Writing, SEO Copywriting

A wide variety of social media tools are being used everywhere and every day. A lot many businesses use social media tools to improve business interaction. For example, it is said that the first step to developing a marketing activity technique is listening. That one step takes a lot of patience and research and social media tools like as well as a few others come to your rescue. A number of specific tools are also there to help marketers with campaign planning etc.

Social media tools are so much so in rage that each time one pops up a list of other with improved features follows. A few of the social media tools are explained as follows:

  • Social Scope:   This is a very interesting and useful application for blackberry users. This application can combine twitter and facebook on one screen together.
  • Traackr: This application or tool is a significant ways of keeping a track of all industry leaders. It helps you identify who are the leading players and influencers in the industry. This can be a useful tool for advertising agencies and campaigners.
  • RSS: This tool is a syndication format that makes blogs and websites distribute the content that is shared on them. It is a simple and convenient way of sharing content and getting or providing feeds.
  • TweetLevel: This is another Tweet Metric Tool that helps search for hash tags. It helps making followings relevant to your interests. Mostly public relationship managers and marketing managers opt for this application or tool.

Through such tools and techniques it becomes much easier to manage your online content and business. Content sharing and online audience becomes more defined. Social media tools are great way in reducing the marketing research effort that goes into pre marketing planning.

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