Social Media War: What’s a User Got to Do With It?

Posted by on Dec 13 2012 | Social Media

If it is a competitive scene, things can get ugly anywhere. It just did in the social media scene, when Facebook managed Instagram restricted the way the shared pictures were used on Twitter. After Facebook took over Instagram early this year, people hoped for change of policies. However, one very unwelcome one has gone right into the face of Twitter.

The reason why Instagram took a strong stand on this one was referred to the way the pictures or ‘cards’ used to appear on the micro blogging site, Twitter. In some of the instances the images were not true to its original form. In complete denial of being subjugated by Facebook, the Instagram authorities liked to stress upon the fact that the decision was entirely from Instagram’s end as it would help restore the genuineness and quality of the pictures.

However, looking at the complete scenario, it sure looks like a storm brewing. This also directs to the fact that the growing web of social media platforms are mutually dependent on each other and cannot break free easily. Not only that this brings the audience and users of the site into a complete circle where all are inter-connected. In such a scenario, do the users get a right to vote on such policies? It is a valid question. It would make sense if the policy has rather been formed based on user’s feedback but if it is not then, things are definitely at stake.

Another hint from this event is towards the future of the social media turf war, where sites may lock horn over issues of web space and information sharing. Given the fact that a user generally shares a lot of personal and professional information online, he would be at the receiving end of a bitter policy. So, though it is accepted that the social media platforms are nothing without their users and they humbly acknowledge that, let’s hope the users still have a good say in matters that affect them.

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  1. Rohit

    Yeah, lets hope we have a good say, the wars will not serve anyone

    14 Dec 2012 at 4:29 pm

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