Starbucks in India: What to Watch Out For

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There’s something about coffee that is not just taste. It would be a shame if we fail to mention what the coffee houses of London did to the literature of the eighteenth century and knowing that we expect something better to come out of the growing strength of coffee houses in Indian subcontinent. Adding to the list is now the global coffee giant Starbucks’ entry with its very first establishment in Mumbai. The pleasure of this taste has come about with the joint venture of Tata Global Beverages with Starbucks Coffee Company.

Heritage Flavour

Starbucks could not have planned it better to connect to Indian consumers than to begin with an outlet in a building of heritage importance. With the rising ceiling of the cafe, the look and feel of the place has been kept close to a minimal and more of a restored old monument. This is in sync with one of the store ideas that Starbucks has been working so far in US and other countries.

Business Smart

In the whole background of opposition making a hue and cry over the FDI plans, this joint venture of two very distinguished beverage companies is a defying act. Most of the people do not even care because if it is Starbucks at home then what else can one ask for.  Speaking of Starbucks’ venture, well, it seems it is cushioned already as the landing has been timed well and a reliable Indian conglomerate is there to back them.

Sense Appeal

For the ever growing Indian population that is increasingly becoming the part of the urban culture, Starbucks means a haven to leave the honking horns of the traffic and the droning chaos behind and enter into bliss. The ambience of the coffee house is an ideal place to linger over brief sips of the favourite flavour and read a book, make a call, prepare a presentation or have a little chat with friends.

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  1. shivangi

    The plan for starbucks to arrive in India was in the pipeline since a long time. Finally, we have some great coffee entering with a great strategy in a greater market.

    05 Nov 2012 at 5:23 pm

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