SWOT Analysis for a Great Marketing Campaign

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It would be just relevant to talk about SWOT at a time when brands are flooding in the digital space to leverage on the online customer base. For every business with its online presence, it is important that it is making the best use of the social media space. In case, if things are not looking up, then, it is time to sit back and do the SWOT analysis.


  • Efficient media planning to work out the social media campaigns are in place. This allows the management to assess the situation and then go ahead with the launch.
  • Deep market reach is crucial. The number of customers who are actively involved with the social media platform will help boost the business.
  • Thorough understanding of the media tools and the metrics to measure the success of campaigns are acquired.


  • The problem with not having the right resources which help build the analytics behind a campaign can be a major problem.
  • Another hindrance could be with maintaining the effectiveness of the campaign on the networking site. If the right impact is not made, the campaign loses its grip.
  • Not having the support of the collaborative team on the subject of social media campaign can be a hurdle too.


  • Moving out of the comfort zone and interacting more on the digital space is important. It acts like food for thought for business to connect on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
  • Exploring the customer base is another option to go for. Promotional offers help grab attention and drive traffic to the source.
  • It becomes absolutely essential to have partners for sponsorships or shared spaces on the digital medium. This gives campaign a broader coverage.


  • It is important to question the strategy before taking the plunge. Is the campaign going to benefit the existing company profile?
  • Though trying to make a mark in the space, the unavoidable threat remains from an established player. So, check if you are better equipped to take on the counter attack?
  • Campaign sustainability is a big issue. The slightest of fault in message strategy will take the toll on the brand.

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