Tips for Hosting Successful Webinars

Posted by on May 09 2013 | digital marketing, Internet

Webinars may seldom be charming. However, they are the most widely recognized application of business to virtual space. The ball got rolling with globalization driving internet and social media towards business virtualization.

Professionals work online, train online, and worry more about online reputation management than about the relations that they share with their colleagues. Within all this, webinars consume a significant and vital space. Let’s face it though; they are boring and unbearable to the extent of torturing. Moreover, they seem like a one way ‘forced’ conversation. Since they are obviously ultimately boring they don’t have a great success rate. How do you turn the tables then, and make them one of the best ways to capture audience interest? Here are a few tips:

Bring Out the Blog: Pre webinar blog posts often give people a fine idea about what the webinar would entail. They work like an energizer and motivator.  Keep the blog crisp and concise. Don’t give out the details here. The blog will serve as a guide or a manual to evoke participation in the webinar.

Focus on Industry Updates: A webinar without current industry updates is like stale bread. You can’t make anything out of it. Facts and figures are important; and so are trends. Even if there is nothing interesting to talk about, the way you present the numbers can make the whole difference. Invite people to comment on the trends and talk about what they think about progress. Ask them if they see progress happening, or otherwise.

Understand Audience Behaviour: People are likely to pay attention to other social media platforms, happily chatting their time away if they encounter even a bit of boredom during a webinar. Analyzing and understanding audience behaviour and reaction is a way of predicting feedback. Mock webinars can help you get more accurate results.

As the adage goes – first impressions are the last impressions – so is the case with webinars too. A welcome slide for the webinar should hook the audience. Your half the job is done there and then, is it? No! You need to proceed in an equally engaging manner to make your webinar a hit.

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How Twitter Makes You a Better Writer

Posted by on Mar 14 2013 | Blog, Content Writing, Twitter

The fact that Twitter empowers you to build a huge audience base and serves as a boon to your business is no news. But do you realize that tweeting a more too often can make you a better writer? Well, credit the 140 characters limit for the effect:

Get to the Point Faster, Shorter

A tweet forces you to be brief. It requires you to get your message across in the simplest of language. Whilst you may be the guy who searches for long and flowery adjectives while writing, Twitter does not give you room for that. And before you know it, you are conveying a message or an idea without using too many layers. You begin realizing that you don’t have to be descriptive while describing something in the most explainable manner. You can directly get to the point, without a prologue and still garner readership. The Twitterverse has redefined penmanship.

Exercise Your Vocabulary, without being Extravagant

Since 140 characters are all you can write, you need to shrug yourself off the rich words that force readers to scramble for dictionary. On Twitter, you readers won’t do that. They would just rotate the mouse wheel to scroll to the next Tweet and there goes your chance to gain new readers. So while you start getting accustomed to writing simple, adequately descriptive and yet a mix of words in your tweet, it shows on your blog/article site. You get better at using verbs as well.

What to Leave Out

When you are writing a blog piece, you are eyeing, let’s say, 400 words. There is a lot of redundant information that is included with or without intentions. Inevitably, while drafting long write-ups, you sometimes lose the sight of what your readers might be interested in reading. On Twitter, you have to write the action-oriented words that have the best possible chance of drawing response from the readers. Just get the message across. Writing ‘about’ that message can be done on some other platform, on some other day.

Linear Writing

Blogs and articles give you the freedom of being all over the place. You start writing on a topic, meander off it and then come back. Whilst this might interest a segment of readers would like your article to be not one dimensional,  there are those with a lesser attention span who would only jump the paragraphs. Blogs make you ponder over words and sentences – at times disproportionately, but a Tweet lets to eliminate the redundant thought process and impede your though right then and there, without spending dime of an extra second.

You might argue that Twitter is an oddball platform for improving your writing style,  but as an under-literary way of writing, Tweets can help you curb the on-line blabbering and write with more focus.
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Recipe for Bloggers: Have You Tasted It Yet?

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It is a believe-it-or-not moment for this blog to have taken shape and an equally unusual space for it to appear. But we like surprises, don’t we? When it comes to blogging, there is a very competitive set of writers who are beating the other genres. They are making good money as well. It is time that before one hits the art of blogging; one should have a look at the happening cookery blogs that have a thing or two to say.

Flavor: One of the crucial elements of cookery blog is the content. Unless an author chooses to stick to a style of cooking or a particular region e.g., the world is the platter. The point to be taken home is that keeping the options open gives an advantage in competition.

Catalogue: The cookery blogs offer variety over the range of cooking. There are recipes available from around the world with details that gives step wise guidance towards cooking. Thus, cataloguing becomes an important aspect. It is a crucial lesson for bloggers as a catalogued blog help readers to browse through content.

Richness: The richness part lies in the picturesque presentation. These cookery blogs beat every other in style, photography and appeal. The dishes are presented in rich, colorful setting making the blogs an absolute delight in read like . Evidently, making a strong connection with an online reader requires a good mix of writing and visual.

Share: It may look like that this is meant only for a food fanatic but not necessarily. Here’s an important point to note. The way the participants and readers share their favorite recipes on these blogs is an inspiration. It means for the blogger half the battle is won. For a blogger to get the readers talking, it is important to engage into one or begin a subject that sparks off a conversation.

We suggest trying the above ingredients to make a blog an interesting one. It takes a little motivation, a bit of skill, a pinch of dedication and some artistry for the touch up for a perfect blog recipe. Blog Appétit.

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4 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Posted by on Nov 17 2012 | Blog, Blogging

It is not difficult to build a blog, but at the same time it is difficult to build a successful blog with traffic.  Blogging is like an art through which you can share your thoughts, interests and knowledge with the world. Successful blogging can only be achieved with hard work and dedication and through this you can drive thousands of visitors to your site. So, here are some effective tips to increase traffic to your blog.

Write Often and Write Well: You must update your blog with useful content frequently, so that you can attract visitors. Make sure that you think like a consumer and let your voice be heard with meaningful facts to maintain the consumers interests and gain loyalty from them.

SEO Friendly Content Many bloggers tend to ignore this channel because of a variety of reasons, but search engines give an enormous opportunity for traffic. Setting up SEO for blogs is very simple, if you are using an SEO-friendly platform. You can make your page or you’re website more relevant to search engines. If your page or website ranks the highest in search engines, then it will be viewed by larger number of viewers.  The use of relevant keywords can also make your content SEO friendly.

Use Social Media and Q&A Websites: One of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic is social media. You can make public profiles on popular networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to build a fan base for your blog. Sharing your blog posts will help you increase traffic. Getting active on Q&A sites by reacting to comments and providing your website link as a source can also help you increase blog traffic.

Get Interactive: You must also react to the comments left on your blog by giving the readers your opinion about a particular topic. Commenting on other blogs is also helpful, but don’t forget to leave your URL to create a link back to your own blog. However, always make sure that you leave meaningful comments.

Whilst the success of a blog hugely depends on how it is shared and promoted, unless you have quality blog content, all of those efforts may go in vain!

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Ideas for Blog Monetization

Posted by on Nov 02 2012 | Blog, Blogging

Blogging has gained a religious following among the digital population and has apparently become their new vocation. The potential of a blog is limitless if it has something useful and unique to say. You can also make a decent amount of money from blogging if you  do it the right way. Below are listed some neat tricks which can help you to transform your blog into a rich income source.

1.       Place Ads: This is one of the most common ways to start generating revenue from your blog. You can sign up at Google Adsense or any other another network to get some ads placed at your blog. If your blog caters to a niche audience and has a decent following then you can also sell the ad space of your blog at business forums, online communities and other groups. 

2.       Go Affiliate: Affiliate marketing can generate a fat stream of revenue from sale commissions. You can put up links of products and services that are relevant to your blog. There are various affiliate network programs which you can opt for such as Amazon, LinkShare, Commission Junction and Click Bank.

3.       Paid Reviews: You can post a review of a product, service or a company on a blog and get paid for it. However, you need to be picky about the reviews you post as you might risk losing your blog following if your post irrelevant/false reviews. You can work your way around business forums to find such opportunities or can also try websites such as ReviewMe or PayPerPost.

4.       Donations: Many blogs earn a lot of money just from donations of their followers. If you are providing very useful and informative content, then you can certainly ask for donations. You might be surprised by how generous your followers can be.

 5.       Sell Something: You can always use the conventional method of making money. Sell any product or service that is relevant to your blog. For eg. Sitcom and movie fan blogs make a lot of money by selling merchandise and other collectible items.

Do take into account that any of the methods listed above will only work if you have a decent amount of traffic on your blog. The first step of monetizing your blog is putting up original, interesting and informative content on the blog. If your blog has some substance to offer then only it can be monetized. So, make sure you use the right resources to create impactful blog content.

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The Blog You like

Posted by on Nov 01 2012 | Blog, Blogging, Blogs

What is there in a blog that makes it so affable? As we know, the phenomenon of blogging started off as a personal log book and uneventfully went off to create a space where knowledge sharing is no more personal but public engagement. Blogging continues to mix the individual’s point of view and the public service in general with a subtlety of tone. For some it has evolved as a space for making money with content marketing, for others as a platform of communication. Whatever may be the purpose behind it, blogs take out a good percentage of overall online content space and in a variety of forms. At this juncture, we would like to see what kind of blogs top the list of online readers.

Technology: Technology perhaps has given pace to human race in more ways than one can imagine and has also mounted for a good amount of unanswerable questions. The latter is the cause of popular technology blogs that help users with answers on gadgets, features, usability and complications.

Marketing: For brands and products to talk about that special new aspect, blog is the best medium. No matter what, a simple communication through blog is the answer to the new marketing tool and a platform for consumer interaction.
News Feature: People like to prowl the internet for news and views. A plain news article may not be the catch everyday but with an opinionated blog, one is sure to grab more eyeballs. Video amalgamated news feature blogs are a hit in this category.

How To: Give rest to the textbooks because the new age formula for experiments is here. The ‘how to’ blogs are one of the fastest catching sensation on the net. From dressing up to cooking to fixing things, all the answers lie in a blog that deals with the specialized solution.

Travel: Men and women of the wanderlust kind found the answer in travel blogs. The readers and authors are of the same species here. This blog type has its very own kind of followers and it has come as a sigh of relief for people who could now visit places with virtual reads, since they miss out on it in physicality.

Humour: Laughter is the best medicine and the good news is it sells too. Blogs with the funny bone have tickled a huge amount of fan base on the web and continues to engage more with viral sharing via the social networking sites.

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Top 5 Twitter Tricks for Writers

Posted by on Oct 31 2012 | Social Media, Twitter

Microblogging site, social networking platform or an IM – call it what you please – Twitter is the rage of the day, week and era! So, if you love to interact with people and stay connected, and then increase your followers by following some writing tricks for Twitter.

1. For Retweets, Tweet with Minimum Characters: There are many tweets which followers love to retweet; therefore you must leave room for retweeters to exercise, as they may want to add a point of their own.

2. Come in the Limelight by Using the Right Keywords: The use of keywords in your tweets is very essential for search purposes, as people track conversations based on keywords. For instance, if you are having a conversation on time management, then use the word ‘Time Management’ instead of time mgmt or efficiency.

3. Avoid the Use of Abbreviations: People don’t wish to spend several seconds deciphering your tweet. Therefore, avoid short forms and keep your message clear.

4. Tweet Regularly: You can also grab a lot of attention by posting your tweets on a regular basis, as no one is going to follow you if you haven’t tweeted in a long time. Try to tweet at least a few times in a week or maybe on a daily basis.

5. Followers: By posting something exciting, people will automatically start following you. Generate meaningful, interesting and unique content so that you can organically increase your followers.

The experience of using Twitter is considered as a skill through which people get a chance to share their thoughts and views and also promote their business. It is not just communication but a channel of conversations.

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An Insight into Blogvertising

Posted by on Oct 30 2012 | Blog, Blogging

Blogging seems to be the new past time for the people of the digital realm. A blog essentially acts as a channel through which individual opinions and views can be voiced. This unique platform also serves as a highly lucrative channel for brands to advertise their products or services. Below are listed some points which can help you to advertise better through blogs.

1. Enhanced Credibility: The unique thing about blogs is that they are individual opinion pieces and hence have more credibility. It is important to shape the content on a blog in a conversational as well as slight informal style.

2. Sponsored Reviews: Blogs are getting increasingly popular as a medium to promote sponsored reviews. An informal review on a blog serves as a genuine testament of the quality and effectiveness of the product/service. With blogs, you can also establish an indirect discourse with your target audience.

3. Contextual Ads: An advertisement which is in context of the content on the blog is certainly much more effective than conventional advertisements. The reason being that the ad will serve to be much more relevant and will also fetch a greater click through rate (CTR).

4. Keyword Mix: You must choose the right mix of keywords to promote your product/service through blogs. Blogs can attract a great amount of organic traffic if you use relevant keywords by doing ample research.

5. Backlinks: A blog can be much more powerful with a decent amount of backlinks. You can interact with your fellow bloggers and post their links on your blog to get the same favour back. With greater amount of backlinks, your blog can also rank higher on search engines.

The predicament of the advertisers is the oversaturation of conventional channels of advertising which often renders their advertisements as invisible to the target audience. Ads on blogs, however are not relegated into oblivion like conventional ads.

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Content Writing Services at your Door Step

Posted by on Oct 26 2012 | Blog, Content Writing, Web Content Writing

In this emerging online world, the power of words is simply matchless. No matter how catchy the layout of your website is, if it does not offer complementing content, the website will automatically lose its gleam. Writing according to the requirement is necessary for your business and your website. A content writing agency is the perfect solution to help you grow your business by writing compelling content to attract visitors. These agencies offer a number of services.

Website Content Writing

Website content writing is one of the most significant aspects of your web page. Good content is the only means to communicate with your visitors and as you know, first impression is the last impression, so why not write content which is perfectly written and persuasive for the visitors. Good content is one of the best ways that can bring success to your business. For this, you just a write-up which is written in an aesthetic manner with all the business technicalities to satisfy the need of the viewers.

Blog Writing

Blogs serve to be the most effective tool for internet marketing, as through blogging you can share your company’s proficiency and connect with your clients and customers. Trained content writers write exact theme-based quality blogs on your behalf to boost your business.

Article Writing

Whether you wish to promote your business or your brand, an effective theme based article on the website generates traffic on the website. When you regularly submit articles, it gets indexed by the search engines like Google and increases traffic and profits. To create and rear your identity, creative and experienced content writers are involved in this task.

Press Release Writing

In this era of the Internet, a press release is an easy and effective way to reach out to your audiences. A well-knit press release can bring your company to the forefront and increase your sales. Experienced writers provide the best of services and also make sure that the information is newsworthy.

You can take your enterprise to great horizons by the numerous services provided by content writing agencies.

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How Do Videos help With Effective Blogging?

Posted by on Oct 04 2012 | Blogging, Blogs

This would not be a Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ moment, if we say that a visual always makes a greater impact when it comes to presenting an idea. So, it is no surprise that while blogging, adding a video can make a lot of difference to the overall content that is being put together for the audience.

There are plenty of reasons why a blogger would like to add a video to the subject in question. To begin with, the video can elaborate better on the matter. Secondly, the video will bring in the element of conversation with the audience. Lastly, an audience would show more interest in looking at the color, sequence or even background where things happen, than just plain text, thus, achieving entertainment. The kinds of videos that are more popular with the blogs are as follows:

Do It Yourself: Lovingly known among its followers as DIY, these videos are handy tools for people who like to pick up techniques from the web and learn to do things by themselves. This tool has led a variety of people to share their ideas to the world and get a fan following for all kinds of fancy things; things that people don’t usually think can be done with ease.

Instructions: There are instructive videos, mostly working on the idea of ‘how to’. A web audience comes looking for questions and an assortment of it. Now, if a blogger can let the viewer have a complete step by step view of how to achieve a particular end result, this gets appreciated. A lot of query based, cookery and fashion blogs make use of these videos.

Sharing the Idea: Another important facet of adding a video to the blog is of sharing the idea with the audience. A video lets the viewer enter a zone which is actually perceived by the author of the blog. At that point, the author and the viewer/reader/listener connect better, which is also the triumph for the former as the purpose of communication meets success in the latter’s satisfaction.

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