Cost of Writing

Posted by on Aug 15 2012 | Content Writing, SEO, website content writing

With demand for online PR services at its peak, the cost for professional web content writing has gone up further. The basic principle behind outsourcing the job of writing for a company’s website is to maximize traffic to the website. Now there are different categories when it comes to website content, and each has its own price points:

Landing page

To understand the significance of the Landing page, you only have to remind yourself of the cliché, ‘first impression is the last impression’, which pretty much says it all. A landing page may be welcome page or the about us page of a website that talks about the company and its services in brief. Monotony is the tendency of the hour when it comes to writing for such pages. For converting the browsing audience into buyers, the content has to be innovative that catches attention on first contact. This is when the need to spend extra bucks on the website content arises.

Reputed copy and content creation agencies quote a higher price as they have the best writers in business. A lot of research goes into writing for the landing pages that is successful and acts as an effective salesman for your website, thus justifying the expensive fees.

SEO Blogs

There is no dearth of shortcuts to anything and everything, and so to increasing the website traffic. SEO blogs count among the most convenient and effective ways to increase traffic to your website. The conversational blogs give people a reason to visit a website and browse it. Blog writers can target topics based on the study of analytics and success of a particular write-up in the past. They are better attuned to the penchant of the readers, making sure the next click after the blog is the website URL.

Linkbait articles

Now there is not much of a difference between Linkbait articles and SEO blogs, minus the length and viral-ism associated with Linkbait articles. These articles require much more than just a regular write-up or a writer. People entrusted with writing a Linkbait article need to be more innovative in their writing and they have to spend a considerable amount of time while researching and writing these articles. Editing these articles takes even more time than writing. Most content writing companies would charge you per word when it comes to Linkbait articles.

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The Other Side of Blogging

Posted by on Aug 11 2012 | Blog, Blogging, Blogs, SEO

A simple yet profound thought says that the success of a blog depends on how it is optimized. Another, intriguing school contemplates that just like business; blogs too have a human side to them. It puts forth the idea that it is the softer side of a blog that decided its fate.

Supporters of the “business is human” philosophy argue that one of the main purposes of a blog, be it personal or corporate, is to initiate connection. Until THAT has been done, there will not be any returns. Long-term profit is a distant dream until you have achieved the first milestone, which is to “build a community”.

Why Build a Community?

 They talk about creating and increasing lists rather than about building relations. Why not endeavour towards creating communities (read: forums, common interest groups, knowledge-centres) instead. Even if it’s virtual it is still a world operated by REAL people. Behind every post, tweet or comment there are beings that put some effort and emotion in creating them. Should they be treated as a tool of sales propagation, the business will definitely loose its vision from myopia.

Because It Matters

 Not just for SEO purposes but for a human-touch too. You need to comment, reply or like every other post, because it matters to the entire blog community. The purpose of a blog is to generate interest and brew-up conversation. Don’t kill the rendezvous by not participating. Connect with the content. Take it forward.

What’s The Catch??

 You will be surprised to know, but the human approach to blogging supersedes the results of “spreadsheet marketing”. The plus point is that with this approach you won’t have to spend much time on SEOing your posts; and, still keep your community running.

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The Travelling Shiva

Posted by on Jun 13 2012 | Blogs

All hail the advent of virtual communication – connecting Man to others on the global sphere and bestowing upon it a bit of cyberspace for him to fill with the renderings of his innermost thoughts. And so the man can now fill up his rucksack with his tent, pegs, saucepans, canned beans along with a laptop and a wireless modem and is off into oblivion. The Travelling Shiva drives past cities and towns alike, documenting his discoveries and eventually posting them on his blog for all to see. The matted beard of the hermit at the Ganges, the Gadaria tending to his sheep, the fishermen returning home with their catch – all of his personal discoveries are now read and viewed by a growing list of subscribers. The Travelling Shiva knows how to keep his audience hooked. He posts VLOGs, filming the “Ganga Aarti” for the devout Hindus, he conducts riveting conversation on his sights on his public forum, generating public opinion. In doing so, he has a greater connect with his followers than the average blogger. For the Travelling Shiva understands that reaching out to the followers is much more important than just putting information out there. Communication is a two way process and is deemed effective when it gets a dialog going. So the average blogger, enjoys a weekend with family and comes back home to blog about it, with the memories already filtering off; while The Travelling Shiva, VLOGs, blogs, live-streams action, posts pictures, tags them and makes an everlasting memory out of a mere passé moment. The followers of The Travelling Shiva are left with an enriching experience, so personal, they feel that they have lived the moment themselves.

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Blog Writing

Posted by on Jul 12 2011 | Content Writing

Looking back a few years, there was no word such as “Blog” but today blogs have carved a niche for themselves in the internet domain. Just to give an idea as to what exactly a blog means, refer to the diary that one used to maintain in nineties. Now, look at your blog, which is just like a diary, but one that is maintained online, with a plethora of added features. Earlier it was not that easy to have access to internet, but today, with so many innovations lined up, internet is found in everybody’s pocket. Easy access has made individuals known in the online world. Blog, also known as a web log, is a platform where one can share thoughts, actions, opinions and reactions.

Instantly, you must have noticed that, be it a personal site or a corporate site, all have made a new addition of “blog” on their home page. The influence and importance of blogs has seen a tremendous, rather exponential, growth in the last four years. Blogs have become promotional tools that provide you with recognition, not to mention enhancing the communication channel.

Anyone can start blogging, but not everyone knows the right track that is to be followed while doing so. The basic approach while writing a blog should be to make other respond to your opinions or to make people identify with your ideology. There are certain golden rules that a blogger should always remember and understand the importance behind them. How to go about writing a blog?  Blogging needs to be in sync with your opinion, what you want to say and the manner in which you want to say it. Sometimes, provocative things said on blogs make people comment and participate to support or disabuse opinions. If you want people to come back to your blog post for more information or follow-ups, it is important to make your writing interesting. An appropriate tone along with consistency in your writing style is the key ingredient here. People love to read blogs because they contain opinions and reactions that come from public and not from any professional’s mind that is probably well-trained to write content. It is a place where you will find public expressions on topics people are passionate about, that they wish to express. It becomes a necessity that defines the nature of a blog, to speak what’s on your mind related to a particular subject or a situation.

Be honest and openly express yourself while blogging. The basic idea behind a blog should be to entertain readers and directly strike their thinking so that they participate in it.  Keep a blog personal; let the writings define you, your thinking that makes you different from rest of the world.

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Posted by on Jul 11 2011 | Content Writing

Blog writing started as a platform for self expression. People used it to pen their thoughts and opinions, but it has evolved itself by becoming a means to market and promote products and services for business organizations. It is one of the most recent additions of the online content marketing tools. In this century, internet has become one the topmost powerful tools to reach out to the masses anywhere in the world. People use it to promote their business and provide facts to the information-hungry internet goers.

Blogs as a source only work if they are constantly updated with relevant content that the readers will be interested in reading. Blogs are visited by readers to know information about the most recent developments in the products and services range. There are basically two kinds of blogs which includes personal blogs and corporate blogs. Companies who offer blogs on the website generally hire a professional blog writer, who can write content creatively. In the absence of content on the blog, the reader will be bored and the blog will lose all its appeal.

If properly maintained, a blog can become a great source for the company to generate awareness and interest. It can also assist the company in branding and advertising its new and old products and services.

There are various benefits that a company can reap with the help of blogging. It helps the company promote its brand name and increase website traffic to a great extent. As we blog, the company interacts with its customers and gathers their feedback. This serves as great medium for the company to reach out to its customers.  It works in favour of the company as it can now improve and at the same time understand customer expectations.

Blogging sites also help the company through regular feedback on their products and others in the market through their customers. If the company wishes to conduct an online market survey, a blog will help the company here as well. Blogs cannot just be written by professional blog writers but also people in the organisation which improves the communication inside the company.

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