5 Influences that Facebook has on your Professional Life

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Keep in mind the fundamental maxim that work is where you go to do specifically assigned tasks, using your trusted expertise for remunerative value. Your personal life could impact this stability if mismanaged.

Facebook shares a majority of a person’s persona and reputation is created or portrayed, through online content. Ranging from simplicities such as posting music you enjoy, liking a status that used crude humour, or adding a friend, each action should remind you that you are accountable. Here are some instances of its influence.

  1. Character Testament: You may be a rising talent or a messy wildfire, depicting your social status in disarray could adversely impact your chances at employment. Depicting interests as different to those of the firm you work at, or being insulting, and abusive all carry severe negative consequences. Additionally, a visible social media butterfly will stand a better chance, as it offers a prologue to character as a possible co-worker. Keep your page clean with information you can always speak comfortably about.
  2. Professional Networking Opportunities: Although LinkedIn and related sites are primary sources of professional online contact, Facebook shouldn’t be abused for frivolous causes. The circles of people you are in contact with on a casual basis are the precedent for the opportunities they afford you. A ‘Pay-it-Forward’ format ceases to exist when there’s an understanding to assist whenever possible.
  3. Privacy and Misinterpretation: Ensure your profile invisibility in Google search. While 37% of employers saw profiles, 12% agreed that wanted to reveal candidate ineligibility. This is incorrect viewing of your information. Streamlining extensive friend lists into distinct, specified lists is also highly useful. Displaying an ability to handle your account is an elementary part to indicating your adeptness at managing your work as well.
  4. Communication: Socially, you may speak and communicate differently. Habitual poor grammar and unduly, lethargic communication should not be conveyed to employers. In a concise manner with language that suffices to surpass critique, write and talk conscientiously. Cultivating the activity augments the person’s own communicative abilities as well.
  5. Overcompensation: While your accomplishments may be notable and respected, Facebook should not become a shrine to your greatness, where ‘friends’ gather and witness your inspirational quotes or clever repertoire of comments. Do not downplay what you have done either. Maintain an earnest outlook with a focussed mentality to assuage any doubts that the market may have.

Handling a Facebook account is simple enough if you concentrate on developing yourself. Moreover, the rewards of having personal and professional lives apart are in excess. You may not be able to keep them that way, but allowing them to co-exist is the way forth.

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Social Media: Boon or Bane?

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Sauntering past the yawn inducing jargon of the technological era having encompassed our very lives, we reach the crux of social media and its being imperative to usage in every sphere.

Social media is often littered with requests for Emergency Blood Donors, Homes for Adopted Pets, Work Opportunities, and numerous related criteria that cement the fact that it does indeed, provide considerable possibility for every need.

This writer can testify in smaller, rarer circumstances, where a hugely popular musician offered an old acoustic guitar, free of cost, to anyone who had the will to learn how to play, as the musician himself delivered the instrument, with a pleasant smile and an endearingly self-condescending demeanour.

Those who deign networking as a time-consuming, frivolous activity couldn’t be more misinformed. With the scope of the internet, it only grows more relevant and useful. We are inclined to believe that with such means, we can meet most ends.

While around 36% of social media content posted by us is brand-related, 75% of businesses felt duly obliged to acknowledge this. Simultaneously, we must be aware of how we have the power to utilize the same for our own development.

LinkedIn, currently the world’s largest professional network with 160,000,000 registered users, is the pinnacle of work opportunity webs. Listing proud past achievements, bearing arduously earned endorsements, and hosting histories of work-related accomplishments, it supports the professional aspirations while integrating an infinite network of talent, ability, skill, and experience.

Skillzot uses a Pay-it-Forward format which brings together participants for the exchange of taught skills, while tutoring others in core competencies. This basic mentality compels our attention toward our self worth and target setting.

Even in social media networks with a more casual recall, there are connections for causes of all kinds. Multiple startups compete with established firms for the pick of the lot, giving the potential employee the boon of choice. Particular professions and selective skill sets that often have an edge over the rest include Voice Over Artists, Actors or Models, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Coders. To be fair, the playing field has never been as equal and the onus is on us to exploit this trove of opportunity.

How do we do this?

Building a solid profile with crisp depictions of our decorated works, simplistic interpretations of completed folios, along with substantiated recommendations by respected names, is the need of the hour. Keeping an ear to the ground, an eye out for the smoke signals, whichever form of communication you can visualize, we undertake to satiate these requirements with our own.

Imbibing this indicative ideology of strengthened foundations and reinforced structures for applications, our outreach scales peaks of unnecessary pedantic, while maintaining decorum and procedure. Understanding and realizing our own ability is essential to achieve this, and with the time we frequently and poorly invest, we can do much more.

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Customer Loyalty on Social Media

Posted by on Nov 08 2012 | branding, Social Media

Customer loyalty is something which can only garnered by sustaining an effective interaction between the brand and the customer. Social media, being the increasingly popular tool for socialising, has reinvented the dynamics of human communication. Thus,
social media presents a unique opportunity to marketers to establish a connection with their customers and earn their loyalty.

Real Time Connect: Just like people use the social media to maintain an uninterrupted contact with their friends and family, brands can also do the same with their customers with the help of social media. Social media lends an outlet to organizations for updating customers about the latest offers, discounts and promotions on a real time basis.

An Extra Ear: Social Media lets the brands listen what the customers are talking about them. Brands can improve on their products or services with the help of the feedback garnered through social media.

Redressal: With the help of social media any negative feedback from the customers can be readily addressed and resolved. Grievance redressal is among the key tenets of brand loyalty.

Rewards: Rewarding the customer naturally contributes towards the increasing the customer loyalty. Rewarding people through social media triggers a chain reaction which gives wider exposure to the brand and enhances its fan base.

Enhance Transparency: With social media, customers can know the brand much better. A brand can promote its purpose and ideology in a better to its key demographics. The customer can certainly get more involved with the brand with the help of social media.

Brand Awareness: You cannot expect to build brand loyalty until and unless your customers are aware of your brand. With the help of promotions of social media, you can make your brand the centre of attention for your target market.

Social media enables brands to have a casual dialogue with their customers and establish an understanding with them. This understanding ultimately contributes towards the establishment of loyalty with the end customer. This makes it imperative for every brand to have a unique social media strategy in place.

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Rethinking Marketing

Posted by on Sep 01 2012 | digital marketing, Internet Marketing

With a wave of change taking over the world of marketing, it is hard to tell if our businesses are on the right track or not. Millions of marketers are determined on revamping their marketing mix to keep at pace with the frenetic speed of innovation. As the marketing mania takes over the later-half of 2012, here is some food for thought. Be it the retail segment or the content writing industry, the questions running on everyone’s minds are:

A)     Isn’t it the need of the hour that we question our marketing strategies?

B)     Are we able to capture data effectively to make smart business decisions?

C)     Is what we do today in synchronization with what’s to come?

As the consumer becomes more empowered, it has become indispensible for businesses to best deploy their limited/given resources. But, when was marketing just about survival? It was and always remains about competition. Rise in conglomerates and diminishing global boundaries leave us with the only option of rethinking marketing.

So what is it that you can do to prepare a better landscape for changing consumer requirements? We believe that going by the “market-trend” will help. Read on to know what the marketing gurus say.

  • Expenditure on Digital Will Increase: We all know, “digital” is the new buzz; and, it is to stay. The face of digital marketing may undergo some drastic changes, but in no way will it fade out so soon. Marketers, gear up to see some surprises on this front. Don’t give on digital this early.


  • Data Will Play a Big Role: In knowledge- driven economy, all that matters in information. The data about customers and client will be playing a significant part in moulding marketing strategies. Many will say that it always has, but then they forget that that marketers often make consumers “realize needs or desires”. With data empowerment, businesses will do it better; better than ever before.

Riding the wave of change has made many businesses brain-storm. Major investment and serious thought is going into creating digital spaces. Content and communication are being used as new age weapons to fight for the biggest market share. Where PPC used to derive 30% of the sales some 5 years back, majority of the business comes from SEO and digital marketing.

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Social Media on a Multinational Platform

Posted by on Aug 17 2012 | digital marketing, SMO

We are social.

Global? May be.

Globally on the same level? Not at the present.

It is surprising overwhelming that one of thebiggest challenges before social media is to become a “multinational platform”. Otherwise, it is failing to be an efficient channel of communication. However, becoming truly multinational is easier said than done. Look at it this way: Your business has multiple networks, a number of profiles in various languages. But, how do you exercise maximum control on each and every aspect of social media? Managing cross-cultural issues can be extremely tricky and challenging. But is there a way out? Yes, there is.

Since the problem of Multinational Social Media lies in its vast reach, its solution lies in defining the audience. And, then all you need to do is treat YOUR audience like YOUR universe.

Setting a “Social Style Guide” will prove to be of great help. So if your business is contemplating setting up Social Media on a Multinational platform, work on a social style guide to be adhered to by your audience. However, this doesn’t mean that you curb the freedom of those accessing the platform. Instead introduce tactic that bring in flexibility, while at the same time, covey uniformity.

As a Social Platform of business it is important that your brand and business both speak the same language. In other words, the social profiles of your business should exhibit you as you are. Not just the facts, figures and essential detail should be true, but, the style in which you present yourself should reflect your identity.

List Your Priorities and handle them first. As a multinational, it is extremely important that you prioritize your social media activities. This way you can manage the most critical of activities in the shortest span on time. Proceed logically, and systematically. On a multinational platform, you will also need to synchronize your priorities. Don’t leave any thread loose and remain connected.

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