Becoming Creative – Receiving the Gift of Creative Writing

Posted by on Jun 07 2012 | Content Writing

It is said that creative writing is a fruit of immense vacuum. Only, if it was true then solitude would have made every single person on this earth a great writer, during some time of his life. An essential part of a writer’s on-the-job training would then be to stay as an ascetic. I guess, solitude dint’ work much to the favor of developing creative writing skills and therefore the question: Can Creative Writing Be Taught?

To understand the process of creative writing we must first understand the concept of creative writing itself. As we understand, creative writing is about taking up writing as an experimental innovator, explorer of the literature and harbinger of ideas. The very nature of creative writing makes it a process immensely different from other forms of writing. But then, creative writing when understood as a way of writing is no different from other forms of writing. So why is it that a number of people who can write a three hundred word answer in their examination can not write a single word on an article ‘Being a creative writer’.

One block, which is the toughest to overcome for learners of creative writing, is lack of knowledge. That, however, has been largely overcome because of 24/7 access to information that we nowadays have over search engines such as Google. The creative writing task now boils down to opining and giving your take on the literature. Well, a simple example of creative writing would be elaborating on a given phrase or writing a movie review. But for that you will have to think like a judge and opine like a critique.

This is what will make you a good creative writer. For those who would like to take a step-by-step approach to creative writing here is the ladder:

•    Read Voraciously: Reading builds up an interest for writing. You need to have a strong base and loads of data stored in your subconscious that you can later use to build your own works. Read everything from confusing poems to boring newspapers to colorful magazine issues to even prescriptions and collect something from everywhere.

•    Talk To People: When you talk you gain a lot of perspectives on various things. Talk about anything that you would like to writ about. Don’t judge their opinion. Rather, use it as concrete to build upon your writing.

•    Organize your Ideas: Keep a note of all your thoughts and experiences. Collect your reactions to every situation or experience, no matter how foolish they seem. This way you are gathering real life examples that you can use while writing.

•    Practice Writing: Start Today. The best way to learn creative writing is to begin your writing journey as soon as you realize that you would like to write. At first you may be disappointed with yourself. But don’t give up. Keep writing and you will eventually grow better.

Creative-writing classes or seminars are a proper institute where creative-writing is taught to those who wish to improve or discover the creative streak within them. These classes have actually validated that creative writing can be taught to students who have never tried creative writing by others who themselves have never tries creative writing to learn how to write creatively. Now, that’s the only proof I needed.

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Creativity in Writing – More Than Penning Thoughts

Posted by on Jun 05 2012 | Content Writing

Being a professional writer for around two years now, I have learned many concepts related to writing itself. But, somehow what is put to practicality is restrictive creativity. We will get to the concept of restrictive creativity later and shall here focus on creative writing.

Creative writing is understood as a form of writing that helps you express your thoughts, feelings as well as expressions with the help of words. To differentiate between creative writing and some academic writing we can say that where the former is a work purely based on emotions, expressions and perceptions, the later one is a result of research, analysis, observation, opinions and judgment. Creative writing is all about your experiences, desires, imagination or outlooks. However, this does not mean that creative writing cannot become a component of other forms of writing. One can definitely use components of creative writing into any other form or writing. Humor is one vital element of creative writing but one should use it with great caution. The ‘When, Where and How’ of humor decides the quality of the content. Appropriate usage of crisp vocabulary and just the perfect ‘idiom’ garnish can make even the simplest of writing stand-out.

Copy-writing and content writing are arenas that require creative retires in huge numbers. The demand for people with excellent observation, an inherent sense of humor and unbound imagination is particularly rich in the content writing and copywriting industry. Common creative writing types include screenwriting, poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and comic writing.

Having talked about what the basic ingredients of creative content creation are, let’s read about the main hurdle that a writer can face. When you see an etc in any creative writer’s work be assured that it stands for ‘End of Thinking Capacity’. Writer’s Block is something that all writers have experienced during some or the other time in their life. The best way to get rid of the writer’s block is to leave the work for some time and relax. Get back to the piece of writing with a fresh mind and approach. Or, you could try switching from that topic to another. This will help you finish your work in time and also cure your imagination (blocked).

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Art and Science of writing – a magical amalgamation

Posted by on Oct 03 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting

As I try hard to quench all my creative juices to come out with something really very interesting, I was struck by this weird idea of taking a dig on the art of writing. Calling it an art seems to be too obvious for most of us, but did we ever take the pains of regarding this act of creative carnival as a science too? No wonder most of you would now be frowning on the weird pint of view that I have just put forth in front of you, but it will be quite interesting to reveal the fact. Although it won’t be that easy for me to impress each pair of eyes reading this!

It’s really wonderful how a human mind works and cultures such a myriad number of ideas in a lifetime of a human being on this earth. Each and every human travels through a distinctive journey of life. The balance between the bitter ones and the sweet ones varies on a large scale. Don’t forget that the human civilization has been fortunately or unfortunately divided into the dual class of existence – male and female. Whether you take the physiological or the psychological aspects, both are similarly different. Not all cerebral entities are gifted with the sword of penning down the visible experiences that tend to shape themselves in disparate stories on a piece of paper. Our eyes and our mind always start wondering and pondering on just one thought – how did that writer bring all that experience in such a beautifully explained story? So, ladies and gentlemen, that’s writing as an art for you. Not everyone can match the depth of Arundhati Roy or the thought provoking ability of Salman Rushdie (I can remember these two names only, for the moment; please use a bit of your own knowledge also).

A small bunch of friends come to your house and you serve them with your first ever made ‘French omlette’ to them. A silent bedlam will definitely haunt you immediately, but some of your good friends may not admit that you have just broken the record of making the most horrible omlette in the world. When you are pouring out your refined creative lubricant in the form of words, it is very important to remember that someone else will dig in his/her eyes to read the write-up that you have just popped out of your mind. Many writers need the balls to write some irritating stuff for their readers. Well, I just can’t comment on how many people do have those balls and how many of them don’t! There are many ways of making a write-up readable. Multiculturalism is evidently found on this planet. Thus, the tastes for reading also vary to great degrees. Clamoring down all the ideas haphazardly never leads a writer to reach the heart of the reader. Knowing the audience is extremely important to ensure about the subject on which one should work upon. For some writers, region is as important as the tone of the write-up. Being abreast with the latest interest of the people all across the world is another factor which makes a writer travel through the tougher terrains of developing the pack of words where he/she leaves no space for a chance. At the end of the day, all are humans and most of us have the same old habit of craving for more!

There are numerous evidences in the history of the human civilization where art and science have merged to create magic. In the profession of writing too, this amalgamation is extremely necessary to pull out the curtains of true human experiences and tell the world about the fascinating story of human mind and its ability to create mansions of limitless imagination.

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Posted by on Jun 03 2011 | Copywriting

With the mushrooming of various types of businesses in the scenario of globalization, there arises a separate need for creative experts. These creative experts have the requisite skill and knowledge to carry out and design a innovate concept that can be made into a base to establish the product in the market. An organization handling the advertising and conceptualization aspect of the product or services offered by a company is known as a creative agency or an advertising agency. The sole purpose of an ad agency is to create and plan the concept of promotion, through which a company will market its products. Promoting a product in the right manner is important for its survival in the cut throat competition. With new forms of social Medias coming up in this technologically advanced society, agencies constantly device new methods to reach out the consumers.

A Creative agency works at various levels to create an advertising campaign fit for the product. The main sole of any ad agency is the team of copywriters and art directors who formulate a concept and intelligently develop the content for the advertisement. After the concept team get an idea about the product from the account department the creative team generates ideas that can be worked on further. All the creative writing services work in tandem with the several production houses and production studios that further shape the concept. The production department is the next step of the process which is responsible for formulating the idea into a proper advertisement.

The main clients of a creative agency generally include private firms, NGO’s, multinational companies and government companies as well. These companies hire the ad agencies based on their requirement. There are various types of creative agencies in India such as, Specialist Advertising agencies, In-house Advertising Agencies, Limited-Service Advertising Agencies and even the new form of agencies called the SEO agencies and Social Media Agencies. The need is growing manifold and so is the output in terms of strategy.

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