Outdoor Advertising: Making the Mark

Posted by on Nov 26 2012 | Advertising, branding

Advertising has broken its conservative moulds long ago and keeps doing that every single day. With the advent and flourish of outdoor advertising in the last decade, this has become one of the most appealing ways of wooing the customer. Marketers do not like to tip toe around the idea but take it full on, making the most remarkable statements through a few exemplary takes on outdoor advertising.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to make the mark:

Point of Interaction: For outdoor advertising, the point of interaction makes a lot of importance. There is no set formula, for the advertising may appear on a billboard, a local transport, a building or any unconventional space. However, the message should blend well with the space in question.

Creativity Factor: There is no argument that outdoor advertising allows for more creativity. Given that the space is not confined to an A4 size magazine sheet or a 30 second commercial, this one gives plenty of opportunity to experiment.

Attention All: It definitely gets all the attention. For the sheer reason that outdoor advertising takes on a bigger space and makes a larger than life statement in an open arena, it grabs the eyeball. In fact, it becomes as unavoidable as the online pop up ads. So, one is not going to miss out on these, while driving back home or even inside an elevator.

Cost Play: This one works well for the advertising budget. Considering the exposure time and investment, deciding for an outdoor display of product or service idea is a cost effective deal.

Long Stay: Outdoor advertising makes for a perfect setting for a theme based campaign, run in series. People are more mobile and it is more likely that they come across the advertising while on the move, thus, giving the campaign the much needed exposure while it makes for a longer impact.

Delivering a product message has never been as competitive as in the present-day context. So, how can a brand really stand out? How can it truly create an impact? How much should the brand spend? With a splurge in digital marketing as well, brands have a lot to experiment with, when it comes to creating a unique space for themselves!

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Top 5 Ways to Advertise Your Business on LinkedIn

Posted by on Nov 12 2012 | digital marketing, writing

Today the world is revolving around the internet. And if you have no clue about how to promote your business, then LinkedIn proves to be the best professional tool. LinkedIn is a lot like Facebook but this networking site has a professional bend. It is a great site for are looking for work and are trying to build a professional network to expand their business.

Though LinkedIn has gained popularity, a number of business owners avoid their company pages on this site. It is still somewhat new for people. So, understand the dynamics and get started to advertise your business online with a few tips and tricks to promote your company.

Introduce your Business: Introduce your business by creating a company profile, so that others can subscribe to it. This page will include a description of your business, the services you offer, know-how and contact information so that others can easily reach out to you. Creating a company profile proves to be very important as it will give the clients an information about the services you offer.

Subscribe to Groups: Joining groups that are related to your business and actively participating in discussions, giving feedbacks can help in advertising your business. You can subscribe to maximum 40 groups. Talk about your work and update posts which can interest the customers and clients.

Track Public Reviews & Give Instant Response: Linked In Buzz gives you a chance to track public reviews about the company. In case of any negative comments, you can instantly respond through this service and resolve any bad review. Answering questions on the LinkedIn forum is another way of gaining popularity thereby helping you in generating clients and escalating your credit ability.

Post Vacancies: LinkedIn helps in hiring the most suitable person for your company. Hiring is a great sign of positive growth of the company and creates a positive image about your business growth.

Reach out to your Targeted Audience: Worried about marketing your business? LinkedIn DirectAds provides you with a solution. It is an excellent marketing tool to reach out to your targeted audience globally and create a positive image of your business.

All Linked In Users longing to become business icons take a look at these different aspects and utilize the endless benefits of LinkedIn. For consultation on this and other aspects of digital marketing, talk right to the experts.

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Why is SEO Important for Your Brand?

Posted by on Sep 03 2012 | digital marketing, SEO

SEO is considered as one of the most critical steps for establishing a veritable online presence of a brand. SEO or Search Engine Optimization entails modifying webpages so that they can be readily discovered and indexed by various search engines. Read on to know why SEO is indispensible for digital marketing.

Enhanced Visibility:   In order to make your brand more visible on the internet, it must be subjected to SEO. As most internet users use search engines to navigate on the web, it is critical that search engine points them to your website. Sans SEO your website would be relegated to the last pages of the search engine results, where generally no one ventures. The main function of SEO is to enable people to easily find your webpage and therefore your brand.

More Credible: Researches have shown that paid advertisements on the internet are often easily overlooked by people. This further makes SEO even more critical for building a brand. Top ranked results on a search engine seem to be much more credible to most internet users. As the listings on the search engines are unpaid, they naturally seem to be more genuine and relevant to the searched query.

Sustenance: SEO can play an instrumental role in sustaining the brand and enhancing its life. SEO or organic traffic is not something that withers in a day or two. A comprehensive SEO can go a long way in maintaining a strong online presence for your Brand.

In the simplest of words, SEO makes your brand more visible to and on search engines.  In the contemporary realm where the virtual world radically influences the real world, no brand can sustain sans SEO.


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Rethinking Marketing

Posted by on Sep 01 2012 | digital marketing, Internet Marketing

With a wave of change taking over the world of marketing, it is hard to tell if our businesses are on the right track or not. Millions of marketers are determined on revamping their marketing mix to keep at pace with the frenetic speed of innovation. As the marketing mania takes over the later-half of 2012, here is some food for thought. Be it the retail segment or the content writing industry, the questions running on everyone’s minds are:

A)     Isn’t it the need of the hour that we question our marketing strategies?

B)     Are we able to capture data effectively to make smart business decisions?

C)     Is what we do today in synchronization with what’s to come?

As the consumer becomes more empowered, it has become indispensible for businesses to best deploy their limited/given resources. But, when was marketing just about survival? It was and always remains about competition. Rise in conglomerates and diminishing global boundaries leave us with the only option of rethinking marketing.

So what is it that you can do to prepare a better landscape for changing consumer requirements? We believe that going by the “market-trend” will help. Read on to know what the marketing gurus say.

  • Expenditure on Digital Will Increase: We all know, “digital” is the new buzz; and, it is to stay. The face of digital marketing may undergo some drastic changes, but in no way will it fade out so soon. Marketers, gear up to see some surprises on this front. Don’t give on digital this early.


  • Data Will Play a Big Role: In knowledge- driven economy, all that matters in information. The data about customers and client will be playing a significant part in moulding marketing strategies. Many will say that it always has, but then they forget that that marketers often make consumers “realize needs or desires”. With data empowerment, businesses will do it better; better than ever before.

Riding the wave of change has made many businesses brain-storm. Major investment and serious thought is going into creating digital spaces. Content and communication are being used as new age weapons to fight for the biggest market share. Where PPC used to derive 30% of the sales some 5 years back, majority of the business comes from SEO and digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing for Starters

Posted by on Aug 06 2012 | digital marketing

Digital marketing is the buzz word for businesses these days. Going digital is now not an option but a must for any business that needs to identify itself with a greater audience. It is thus, important to set a few particulars straight before you land onto taking up the act of digital marketing.

Get the product right: It is important that before you set out with your marketing gear, you should have a great product at hand to sell and talk about. You will understand that the value a product is going to deliver is important and would be a key factor in constructing your message.

Market yourself well: Once your product is right, know your customers and step ahead. Try and understand the market before taking that big leap, rather start with something small. Mean while, get the SEO and SEM operations going for your digital presence.

Design matters: Everything from your product to your marketing strategy needs to be designed right. In fact, for a business, a well structured website with easy features could be the first thing to begin with. Keeping it simple, yet interesting works too.

Do something unique: If you don’t want your customers to get you confused with any other name in the market then, you will understand the need for this. In a market where everybody is trying to grab that attention of the online user, you need to have something unique and in-your-face thing to make the mark.

Get social: When you have gone digital, this is a place you would want to be. Social media marketing is one wing of your digital strategy and you must have to be on it, to make it work in your favor.

Brand is important: It takes time to have one but it reaps results. One needs to have a brand in place because it adds value to the market capitalization.

The analytics: As your digital expanse grows, an analytical metric should keep track of your investments and efforts. This helps in planning out the future targets better.

Know what’s happening around: For everything else that you need to know as a start-up, it is required to move out and mingle more. So, participate in talks and conferences that give insights into how to take your digital strategy to a new level.

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