The Nuances of Résumé Writing

Posted by on Jun 19 2012 | Resume Writing

Imagine existing in a world, where humanity only lives on paper and all the otherwise verbal exchange happens in print with words materializing on the surface. If we had to market our identity, we would want to put our best face forward, proverbially and literally.

A resume is our identity on paper that we use to secure positions for education or employment purposes, thus what we show tells the hiring manager a lot about ourselves. It includes information pertaining to our personal and professional profile, work experience, education and skills.  Putting such vital information merits careful construction and intelligent phrasing to be able to convey the intended meaning.

With the existing competition gripping individuals ever so tightly, the paranoia behind a good resume is unsettling. However due to the advent of numerous professional writing services, making a resume is now everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays a host of professional writers provide guidance on how a novice should construct their resume to suit a certain job profiles. With the trends of resume writing changing with the evolving industry standards, the gentle nuances of writing a resume still adhere to the tried and tested methods of yester-years.

Now a thing to realize is that no two resumes are alike, and should be kept that way. The resume in all its nuances should ideally convey how well the candidate can do, what he/she claims to do. It is not an unintelligible bare mention of factual experience, but a unique value proposition, that sets you apart from the next individual. Nuances tell a story – they weave in the concepts of team building, leadership, perseverance and diligence based on intelligently phrased achievements and experiences.  Subtle nuances provide additional dimensions to the words written in print on the resume. They flesh out the individual behind the words, and give them a standing – on how they would deal with official circumstances and workplace environment. For an employer doesn’t seek an employee merely to fill a vacancy – but to enrich the holistic work environment with the addition of work-driven individuals.

This is where the professional writers come into being. They convert the lackluster achievement into statements that sets one apart from the herd. When it all comes down to that one chance to be able to make a difference to the hiring manager, one should pull out all stops to make sure that their resume stays on people’s minds.

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Sports Writing: Learning The Nuances

Posted by on Jun 01 2012 | Content Writing

When it comes to choosing a career in writing, Sports writing has always been a much sought-after career option.

Particularly for sports enthusiasts with a passion for writing, deciding to make a career as a sports writer may seem to be the most ideal thing to do. Making a career in sports writing though, is not an easy job, to say the least.
A professional sports writer needs much more than just love for writing and sports. So let us see what one needs to be a successful sports writer:

1.    The most basic requirement is to have strong writing skills. One always needs to keep working on his/her English writing skills since school and college days. It is suggested that you start your career as a professional content writer so that you understand all the basics of professional writing.

Professional writers have the expertise in writing on a range of topics. With considerable experience in professional writing, it would be easier for you to switch gears and get into sports writing.

2.    To keep yourself up-to-date with all the happenings in sports world, you need to read a lot. And not just sports columns in newspapers and sports magazines, make sure you are reading the works of reputed sports writers. Their style of writing will give you insight on how to approach your work.

3.     You may need to work as an intern at a local newspaper or a radio station during your education so that you gain a significant practical experience.

4.    If you have difficulty finding a regular job in sports writing, you can try freelance writing. Send some queries to sports magazines and newspapers regarding the stuff you have information about. If your query manages to impress them, you will be hired to write freelance articles. It might lead to even better things like they may even hire you on a contract basis or even full time.

Sports writing is indeed a lucrative career. But before you take the plunge, make sure you have all the things in order. At the end of the day, it’s all about learning the nuances!

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Writing Product Descriptions – A Little Should Say A Lot

Posted by on May 24 2012 | Internet Marketing, Product Descriptions

Words hold the power to convince and contradict, even in the case when they are being used as an instrument of sales. Selling products online is a task that cannot do at all without the support of crisp and concise copy that conveys a lot about the object of sale. A good product description should hold the power of convincing the prospective buyer to purchase the product after spending a few seconds on reading the information that is relevant, appealing and sufficient to sum up the “Why Buy” of the product in 50 -100 words. Seems tricky, right? Was the same for me until I figured out the strategy for getting my product descriptions right. So, here is what I did, and what professional writers usually do too:


Read about No Touch Sales: It may be surprising but it is true that people are more drawn to ecommerce because it minimizes human contact. People purchase online when they read about a product and are longing to see the words take a shape (in the form of the product that is for sale.) So the words have to be really powerful to draw maximum consumer attention.


Understood the Tone and Language: Point to be noted. It is as important to hold back certain information as much it is to give out the rest of it. This simply means to focus on the ‘good points’. You should also refrain from giving out too many details about the product to an extent that the customer loses interest. Make your content compelling, unique and intelligent.


Kept It Original: Of course I refered to some great sites that gave me ideas on writing ome really whacky product descriptions, but managed to keep my content absolutely original. Keping your product descriptions original is important because your site can be penalized in case any copied content is published on your website.


Besides the above points, a definite structure to the product descriptions proved to be of great help. So in 100 word descriptions content writers should spend some 40 words writing about product features, approximately 30 words on style recommendation, another 20 on its utility and the remaining 10 on catchy lines and adjectives. But, often 100 words are also too much for a product description and at that time focusing on the “core functionality” + USP of the product suffices.

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Writing for an ‘audience’

Posted by on Sep 28 2011 | Content Writing, Copywriting, From the Writer's Desk

New age professional writers besides having to fight the uninterrupted melancholies of writing by the rules at work also have to confront an ever increasing urge to throttle the all knowing client whose creativity starts and ends with C for ‘convenience’. With microblogging becoming the mode of communication for the better part of the population online, professional writing is being relegated to the dusty corners of a yesteryear typist’s den.

The professional writer is realizing that his words are not just meant for reading and remembering anymore, they have to quickly enter through the reader’s eyes and sculpt a mini-second long nook in his mind while the second word is already shoving its way through after. Each word and the impact it creates lasts a nano-second in the brain before the reader unfailingly ‘moves on’. Like SMS breakups, the reader’s urge to move on is so strong, that you’re a self professed net-o-bard if you had the visitor on your page for more than a minute.

Writing is increasingly becoming like any other experience of today- good writing has to have an instant impact, great recall value and as direct as communication can be- the indulgences of reading, perceiving, analysing and then pondering are the luxuries of a few and chosen.

If authors can now write 140 character stories and create a dedicated network of readers following their work like gum on paper, your reader is obviously progressing to an experience of the ear. The aural delights of a piece of writing are clouding the visual (AND sensual) experience of holding a book and turning pages thanks to e-book readers/i-pads and other ‘they-that-I-don’t-want-to-name’. What stays is what you liked ‘hearing’- the sound of a word, the way the reader read it, or the manner in which the last syllable of the word wraps and snuggles into the word- case cited- try the word ‘mollified’- the ‘word experience’ is like you met a small kid in a polka dress that suddenly grew up into this clot of anger and lunged out at you. You’ll never forget this word if you remember how you heard it in your mind.

These were tricks that we played in school to remember new words- but the new age readers are following a very similar pattern in identifying content that they liked hearing or want to hear about, so the professional writer is combing through his vocabulary with the sharpest teeth to extract words that will have a sonorous experience for the reader. What will hold your reader back is not the macro picture of what you were writing about, but the micro of what you said, how you said it, and how did it ‘sound’. So now you’ll have opinions gushing galore- everybody has something to say- what matters is how you said it. A great opinion will lose to a ‘soundly’ put opinion- try posting a comment on a recent movie you watched and see what catches the maximum attention- your general opinion of the movie (the thought behind this opinion) or the words you used to describe it. While ‘cool’ will get 7 responses, ‘riveting’ will get you none- you must be kidding yourself if you thought that’s how one word movie reviews were described!

Play by the ear, to the ear and for the ear, because your audience which was once a reader, will switch channels right now!

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Professional writing Service

Posted by on Jun 16 2011 | Content Writing

Writing content for a website is all about striking the right balance between persuasiveness and capability to convey an idea across. There are many well known website owners who outsource their web content to professional writers.

The reason being their expertise in writing web content both effectively and attractively, paying special attention to Search Engine Optimization needs. Keeping in mind the increasing need of professional writers, many Professional writing Services have come up in the online content domain. However the thing about SEO articles is that even though they are easy to write they are ones that can go terribly wrong as well. If the structure of the SEO article is not right and does not provide any worthwhile information to the reader then it is of no use. The first negative effect of this is that it will leave the client confused and he will have to struggle to find out more about the website or the product.

A customer always looks for something that pertains to him or something that is of his interest, in case he doesn’t find any of these he loses interest. Second negative effect is that the reader won’t be able to see you as an expert in your field. Good content reflects the ideals and the concepts of a company if the impact is lacking the reader won’t be impressed. If you are planning to hire a professional writing service then make sure that the content reflects your expertise and capability. The professional writers should have a very clear idea about the kind of content you expect and as a writer you will have to keep in mind the key writing principles and use them to devise the draft of your content. It might sound like a very lengthy procedure but it will eventually save a lot of time. In the end keep in mind to come up with content that is not only convincing but coherent as well, only then will you be able to lure potential clients.

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