9 Ways to Ensure your Creative Agency Creates Better Website Designs

Posted by on Apr 23 2013 | Web Design, Web development

Developing and designing websites entails a wholesome process of meticulous creation, which focuses on satiating target audience demands and being conducive to revenue generation. For a powerful website design, how a creative agency stays ahead depends on insightful awareness and trend knowledge.

In this article, there are listed, a few of the most effective ways to creating impressive web designs for diverse businesses?

  1. Learn Mark-Up Languages: Knowledge of the newest methods, structures, and mark-up languages will provide the relevant impetus to outshine your competitors.
  2. Strengthen Skill-Sets: This doesn’t mean only looking for fresh shortcuts and quick fixes. When it comes to website design, how a creative agency can stay ahead also depends on the honing of existing skills and fine-tuning designing abilities. Assigning time to learn existing languages, whether SQL or JavaScript, strengthens the core competency.
  3. Improved Programming: Optimizing the usage of methods enhances the design quality. The more technically sound programming language is always suitable for any venture.
  4. Appropriate Colours: Simple rules of contrast apply here. When applying colours to website design, how a creative agency stays ahead depends on how it visualizes the page, which should befit the business in question. Darker text on lighter backgrounds offers easy visibility and comfort of reading to your page visitors.
  5. Pristine Backgrounds: While HTML can add intricacies to a website; the simplest way is to use a relevant image. Not only is the file size conducive, but the reference also makes it relatable, thus empowering brand recall and driving traffic.
  6. Comprehensive Sitemap: Comprising one or more pages, it provides direction and a synopsis on the site, while also working towards SEO fulfilments.
  7. Seamless Navigation: Offer a product with easily navigable website design. How a creative agency stays ahead often counts on streamlining and integrating the business’ elements. With a better page visitor experience, client conversions are a feasible goal. Compromises are inexcusable for not creating a simple-to-understand format and linked structure.
  8. Ban Browser Caching: Caches imply that an older version will be displayed to the page visitor when he comes back to your site. Tweaking the ‘best by’ date is far better as it allows the person to see fresher information, rather than stale updates.
  9. Flash Moderation: Including animation can liven up a website but exercise caution to not overdo it. Flash-heavy websites take extremely long to load in standard internet connections, which frustrate the page visitor.

With these guidelines to website design, how creative agencies stay ahead, will no longer be as much of a mystery. Keep exploring and imbibing design abilities to sharpen your talents and broaden your understanding of target demographics for different businesses.

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How to Hire & Retain Talent in 2013

Posted by on Feb 04 2013 | digital marketing, Online Reputation

Whilst companies make every effort to ensure they hire only the best for developing their applications, writing their content or designing a marketing strategy for a product, there are always some loopholes unattended. And there are certain departments or positions for which companies spend considerable resources, but not much emphasis is made on hiring the best talent or for that matter, retaining it.
Training of the Junior Level Employees
Let’s say you are hiring SEOs. To start with, you must have highly qualified and experienced SEOs working for you already. At the same time, a good investment should be made into hiring new talents who have the potential to assist your organization after being properly guided. Building a pipeline for talents would serve you well in the long run. If you promote people within, that would mean occupying of senior positions by talents you are sure of, a reduced transition time and it would also mean making savings on budget.
Your company needs to have its presence felt on the social networks – LinkedIn being the most important. When an SEO at mid-level or senior level is looking switch companies, he/she is seeking to work for a brand that would look good on her resume. Not only to their work experience, but they are also looking to increase value to their own brand as a professional. Make sure as a potential employer, yours appears to be a lucrative place at work at.

Environment within Your Organization
You are the boss alright, but you are drawing your force from the employees that work under you, particularly those who report directly to you. They would expect to be you to keep them abreast with the moves your company is making, the direction it is likely to take for the next quarter. Keep them in the loop.
Maintaining a corporate culture in the company that gives employees a chance to indulge themselves not only in work, but also in some fun activities, enjoying happy hours and organizing mini cultural programs would do well to drive away some mental clogs that keep developing from time to time.
Whilst there are many technical bullet points to keep in mind while hiring talent, when you talk of corporate environment, it also means hiring employees for your organization that don’t make a bad company.
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SEO Copywriting: 5 Useful Tips

Posted by on Nov 30 2012 | Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

The ranking of a site in Google completely depends on the website copy. If a site is not properly executed then even the most advantageously planned site can be of no use. The role of SEO copywriting is to render content valuable, as readability of the viewers cannot be sacrificed.

If you do not have the budget to engage an SEO copywriter and are bound to do this task yourself, then here are 5 useful tips to follow:

  1. Importance of Keywords: The title of the article is one of the most important places where the keyword should be included. It plays a significant role in grabbing the reader’s attention at the very beginning. Your keyword should also be incorporated in the opening paragraph. The opening paragraph is an introduction to the content, so it should also be catchy to draw user interest.
  2. Keyword Stuffing: Over incorporating of keywords is called keyword stuffing. When you over use a keywords it leads to repetition, making the SEO copy boring for the readers. To avoid this error, you can read the content naturally to a human. This will help you hear any repetition in the copy.
  3. Add Links: Links play a major role in SEO. Good content should provide links for your site as people want to share content that is appropriate, well written and useful.  You can increase your sites ranking by building links that are search engine optimized and are reader-friendly.
  4. Meta Tags: Meta tags have enormous ranking value. You can use your title’s keywords in the title. Through meta tags and meta description tags, the webmasters can have constant access to relevant data on your site. But repeating keywords in these tags can be considered spam.
  5. Structure of the Text: Well-structured content always catches the reader’s attention, as it makes it easy for them to read the whole content. Make sure that the copy is not too long and is broken into paragraphs and add subtitles.

SEO copywriting is all about making your content not only readable but also persuading visitors to stay on your site, thereby resulting in better rankings and higher ROI.

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4 Tips for Perfect Content Editing

Posted by on Nov 28 2012 | content, Editing

Would you buy a product from a website that has boring content which is badly crafted? It’s evidently a no. Therefore, content editing plays the most important role in any online marketing strategy, since the trustworthiness of any website depends on the quality of content.

So, how do you ensure the content on your website is perfectly edited? Here are 4 tips you should know:

  1. Free from Errors - A well written piece is always free from any kind of errors. Microsoft word’s feature of checking spelling mistakes as well as grammatical errors proves to be extremely useful for editing. But completely relying on MS word is also not a good option, as a writer is the one expressing his views, therefore it may fail to notice some errors while typing.
  2. Read out Aloud - Completely relying on computer editing skill does not always solve your purpose. Therefore, it is best to read out the text thoroughly. When you have technology in your hands, you can also download programs that read out the text aloud, helping you come across errors that you might have overlooked.
  3. Don’t Neglect the Content for SEO - Quality content being the best online marketing strategy, writers are often keen on driving search engines to sales pages and therefore pay more attention to keywords, thereby neglecting the quality of the content. It’s better to develop a quality write-up and add SEO keywords later.
  4. Never Rush to Publish - After you’ve finished writing your content, do not rush to publish it immediately. It is always a safe idea to proofread the matter you have written, as it does not give room for errors.

Everyone makes online blunders while writing and editing, but it is always best to read it and make the necessary edits, to make it enjoyable for your readers too. If you think content editing is a challenge for you, leave it to the experts to do the job.

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4 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Posted by on Nov 17 2012 | Blog, Blogging

It is not difficult to build a blog, but at the same time it is difficult to build a successful blog with traffic.  Blogging is like an art through which you can share your thoughts, interests and knowledge with the world. Successful blogging can only be achieved with hard work and dedication and through this you can drive thousands of visitors to your site. So, here are some effective tips to increase traffic to your blog.

Write Often and Write Well: You must update your blog with useful content frequently, so that you can attract visitors. Make sure that you think like a consumer and let your voice be heard with meaningful facts to maintain the consumers interests and gain loyalty from them.

SEO Friendly Content Many bloggers tend to ignore this channel because of a variety of reasons, but search engines give an enormous opportunity for traffic. Setting up SEO for blogs is very simple, if you are using an SEO-friendly platform. You can make your page or you’re website more relevant to search engines. If your page or website ranks the highest in search engines, then it will be viewed by larger number of viewers.  The use of relevant keywords can also make your content SEO friendly.

Use Social Media and Q&A Websites: One of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic is social media. You can make public profiles on popular networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to build a fan base for your blog. Sharing your blog posts will help you increase traffic. Getting active on Q&A sites by reacting to comments and providing your website link as a source can also help you increase blog traffic.

Get Interactive: You must also react to the comments left on your blog by giving the readers your opinion about a particular topic. Commenting on other blogs is also helpful, but don’t forget to leave your URL to create a link back to your own blog. However, always make sure that you leave meaningful comments.

Whilst the success of a blog hugely depends on how it is shared and promoted, unless you have quality blog content, all of those efforts may go in vain!

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Reddit as a Marketing Tool

Posted by on Sep 21 2012 | digital marketing, Social Media

Reddit is a unique social news website that operates on a very simple concept. Owing to the exceedingly simple interface of Reddit, marketing on Reddit requires a slightly different approach.

1.    Work on the Title: Reddit is basically a bulletin board which lists titles of currently trending posts. Apparently, the title of the post play a major role in inviting clicks from other users and therefore also influences post’s ranking on Reddit.

2.    Tag it: SEO practices like adding tags can significantly augment the chances of your post being found by other users. However, don’t stuff the post with tags and only use relevant ones.

3.    Participate: Reddit is a social community that rewards participation. If you wish to solely promote your business on Reddit, then it probably would not favour you. The more you vote other articles up, the more followers you garner. With a large base of followers, the chances of your article being ranked higher also increases.

4.    Submit Quality Content: In order to rank your posts higher, you must only submit quality links and content which may be of some use to other users.

5.    Track the Trend: An analysis of Reddit’s top link section can offer a deep insight into the trending topics on Reddit. It is viable to create posts based upon the trending topics on Reddit.

6.    Be Consistent: Posting prolifically and regularly will help you to build your reputation in the Reddit community.

7.    Network: Your friends have a ready access to all your posts. By making more friends on Reddit you can market your business much more efficiently on Reddit.

8.    Add Visuals: Visuals always go a long way in making your posts look more attractive and appealing.

Reddit attracts a more than 35 million visitors every month. Though, Reddit is not as popular as other mainstream social media sites, marketers cannot afford to ignore the rich potential it offers.

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5 Tips for the New Blog Writer

Posted by on Sep 04 2012 | Blog

Blogging is a great way to share thoughts and ideas on your own customized web space. For some people, it tends to be a creative outlet and for professionals, a great way to jumpstart a business or enhance SEO quality of their website. If you just started a new blog, read on for some great tips-

  • Use the Sharing Features - Sharing features are probably the biggest advantage that blogging has to offer. Once you have posted an article, share it on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumble upon, Tumblr, Reddit. If it’s a picture post, you can share it on Pinterest. Sharing will increase traffic to your blog and will get you spectacular exposure.
  • The Importance of Pictures - A picture is to a blog what a camera is to travelling. It is an essential tool that gives your reader an insight into what is being talked about. It enhances the aesthetic aspect of your blog, keeping your readers hooked.
  • Keep SEO in mind – SEO is an important tool for any blog. As a new reader, you must know that blog optimization is a part of search marketing. By using certain tags and categories, you can link and attract more readers to your blog and hence, to your business website.
  • Quality Content – Content over quality, always. New bloggers in the block must focus on the quality of the content that they post on the blog. Your readers may like the pictures and design of your blog but nothing works over or better than the quality.
  • Interact with your Readers – Interacting with your readers is important for feedback. The readers may communicate with you by commenting to liking your blog posts. A healthy interaction with your readers will help you understand their expectations as well as perception about your writing.

Blogging is important for businesses as well as for any writer to share his work or pictures. Go on and make the most of your blog.


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Why is SEO Important for Your Brand?

Posted by on Sep 03 2012 | digital marketing, SEO

SEO is considered as one of the most critical steps for establishing a veritable online presence of a brand. SEO or Search Engine Optimization entails modifying webpages so that they can be readily discovered and indexed by various search engines. Read on to know why SEO is indispensible for digital marketing.

Enhanced Visibility:   In order to make your brand more visible on the internet, it must be subjected to SEO. As most internet users use search engines to navigate on the web, it is critical that search engine points them to your website. Sans SEO your website would be relegated to the last pages of the search engine results, where generally no one ventures. The main function of SEO is to enable people to easily find your webpage and therefore your brand.

More Credible: Researches have shown that paid advertisements on the internet are often easily overlooked by people. This further makes SEO even more critical for building a brand. Top ranked results on a search engine seem to be much more credible to most internet users. As the listings on the search engines are unpaid, they naturally seem to be more genuine and relevant to the searched query.

Sustenance: SEO can play an instrumental role in sustaining the brand and enhancing its life. SEO or organic traffic is not something that withers in a day or two. A comprehensive SEO can go a long way in maintaining a strong online presence for your Brand.

In the simplest of words, SEO makes your brand more visible to and on search engines.  In the contemporary realm where the virtual world radically influences the real world, no brand can sustain sans SEO.


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SEO for A Local Business

Posted by on Sep 02 2012 | SEO, Social Media

When it comes to SEO, the local businesses of a city are still struggling to gain a foothold. The learning, understanding and execution of search engine optimization are sinking in. Unfortunately, there is no crash course to ensure successful SEO applications. The hope is there with the knowledge shared by businesses that have managed to sail through the early storm. The gist of it is listed here:

Blog More: First things first, when one starts with a business, there are no dearth of discursive topics. So, it is better to take the discussion from the conference table to the website. Sport a blog on the site, sharing business ideas and hiccups.

Listing: It is absolutely essential that the business is listed with the search engine. So, with the customer looking for specific requirements in a particular locality, the business should appear as part of the Google search. Also, the business should not miss out on the opportunity of the smartphone applications. With local hub search being introduced to mobiles, the consumer would be looking for ‘you’ just about anywhere, anytime. So, be present.

Bookmark: The next step in luring the web traffic to the website would be through book marking tools. The social bookmarking comes easy with sites like Reddit, Digg etc. By bookmarking the latest content on the blog to these social networking sites, the content will be introduced to the world. This would facilitate for more traffic inflow.

Get Linked: It is important to understand that website submissions should be made to have increased inbound links. This would not be possible if the submission is not done to a relevant website directory. Thus, if your business deals with catering, the links should be placed strategically to food and dining categories. Making sense of business and smart associations with websites help optimize the business the right way.

Tweet: Tweeting about your product and new ventures is a good way to go about optimizing your business. One must know that SEO for a business does not happen over content which is ‘business’ but more when it speaks of/about the business.

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Rethinking Marketing

Posted by on Sep 01 2012 | digital marketing, Internet Marketing

With a wave of change taking over the world of marketing, it is hard to tell if our businesses are on the right track or not. Millions of marketers are determined on revamping their marketing mix to keep at pace with the frenetic speed of innovation. As the marketing mania takes over the later-half of 2012, here is some food for thought. Be it the retail segment or the content writing industry, the questions running on everyone’s minds are:

A)     Isn’t it the need of the hour that we question our marketing strategies?

B)     Are we able to capture data effectively to make smart business decisions?

C)     Is what we do today in synchronization with what’s to come?

As the consumer becomes more empowered, it has become indispensible for businesses to best deploy their limited/given resources. But, when was marketing just about survival? It was and always remains about competition. Rise in conglomerates and diminishing global boundaries leave us with the only option of rethinking marketing.

So what is it that you can do to prepare a better landscape for changing consumer requirements? We believe that going by the “market-trend” will help. Read on to know what the marketing gurus say.

  • Expenditure on Digital Will Increase: We all know, “digital” is the new buzz; and, it is to stay. The face of digital marketing may undergo some drastic changes, but in no way will it fade out so soon. Marketers, gear up to see some surprises on this front. Don’t give on digital this early.


  • Data Will Play a Big Role: In knowledge- driven economy, all that matters in information. The data about customers and client will be playing a significant part in moulding marketing strategies. Many will say that it always has, but then they forget that that marketers often make consumers “realize needs or desires”. With data empowerment, businesses will do it better; better than ever before.

Riding the wave of change has made many businesses brain-storm. Major investment and serious thought is going into creating digital spaces. Content and communication are being used as new age weapons to fight for the biggest market share. Where PPC used to derive 30% of the sales some 5 years back, majority of the business comes from SEO and digital marketing.

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