5 Popular Online Encyclopaedias

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The moment we have to be familiar with a new topic, the only thing that clicks our mind is to refer to an encyclopaedia. Providing us with never-ending information on the easiest as well as the toughest of topics, an encyclopaedia is easily accessible to anyone in the world. With the advances in technology, today we can benefit from online encyclopaedias which can provide us information with just a ‘Click’.

Here is a look at the top 5 such resources:

Wikipedia.com: Wikipedia.org is a world famous free-content encyclopaedia, which is also famous among children. Operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, this site is written by a number of anonymous people without pay. This site can be edited by anyone who has access to the internet but of course with certain limitations.

Britannica.com:  This online encyclopaedia website is considered the most trusted source for student research papers, containing access to volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, dictionary, newspaper, thesaurus, magazine articles and also a world atlas. Considered as the most scholarly of English Language Encyclopaedias, this site is updated every year helping people to get access to worldwide information.

Bartleby.com: It is a great site which provides a wide range of classic reference material, online books, quotations and full text collection of verse. A well-liked website for those who love to read, providing with not only the most excellent works of fiction from classic authors but also a miscellaneous non-fiction work.

Infoplease.com: This site gives all the knowledge you need. It provides access to thousands of articles and references, such as atlas, thesaurus, dictionaries and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Eol.org: Encyclopaedia of life is a fascinating site that aims to provide information about all species of life on earth. It is widely used by students who are studying science or biology.

A free online encyclopaedia is all what we need to gather knowledge, providing us with millions of articles, biographies, pictures, trusted facts and information on which we can count. So, whether  it is a thesis, or a travel write-up, business writing or content for a website, online help is always merely a click away.

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The Blog You like

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What is there in a blog that makes it so affable? As we know, the phenomenon of blogging started off as a personal log book and uneventfully went off to create a space where knowledge sharing is no more personal but public engagement. Blogging continues to mix the individual’s point of view and the public service in general with a subtlety of tone. For some it has evolved as a space for making money with content marketing, for others as a platform of communication. Whatever may be the purpose behind it, blogs take out a good percentage of overall online content space and in a variety of forms. At this juncture, we would like to see what kind of blogs top the list of online readers.

Technology: Technology perhaps has given pace to human race in more ways than one can imagine and has also mounted for a good amount of unanswerable questions. The latter is the cause of popular technology blogs that help users with answers on gadgets, features, usability and complications.

Marketing: For brands and products to talk about that special new aspect, blog is the best medium. No matter what, a simple communication through blog is the answer to the new marketing tool and a platform for consumer interaction.
News Feature: People like to prowl the internet for news and views. A plain news article may not be the catch everyday but with an opinionated blog, one is sure to grab more eyeballs. Video amalgamated news feature blogs are a hit in this category.

How To: Give rest to the textbooks because the new age formula for experiments is here. The ‘how to’ blogs are one of the fastest catching sensation on the net. From dressing up to cooking to fixing things, all the answers lie in a blog that deals with the specialized solution.

Travel: Men and women of the wanderlust kind found the answer in travel blogs. The readers and authors are of the same species here. This blog type has its very own kind of followers and it has come as a sigh of relief for people who could now visit places with virtual reads, since they miss out on it in physicality.

Humour: Laughter is the best medicine and the good news is it sells too. Blogs with the funny bone have tickled a huge amount of fan base on the web and continues to engage more with viral sharing via the social networking sites.

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Animation gets Real

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Animation gets Real

There are some things in the world that we are biased about mostly because of their ‘not-so-real’ status. Admitting to that, it is a given that very few of us like to take animation for anything serious, even making a statement. True. Animation is something inanimate put into action and is mostly for the purpose of humour, but why should that come to limit the possibilities of the medium?

It is hard to know how many parents are thankful to Walt Disney, but they don’t really take animation for serious stuff. This definition has come to redefine itself by some of the creations of past few years. The movies have not only questioned societal norms but unusual genres and not to miss out the superior technology. Animation in fact has questioned and brought more ‘life’ to reality, with the films trying to get closer and closer to the nuances of something alive and less fictional.

Persepolis: The mix of a graphic storyline merged with animation, this film brings the point of view of a young Iranian libertine woman, who sought freedom of thought when her society was struggling with religious turmoil.

Mary and Max: An interesting representation of clay animation gives Mary and Max that magical feel. The plot that layers the emotion of two lonely souls set apart in different continents learn to deal with life through letters.

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Imagining the furry beings of your closet coming to life is the ultimate effect of this one. Working on the techniques of stop motion animation, this is a story of a shrewd Mr. Fox, who decides to define his freedom by outsmarting humans, sending out quite a message.

Up: Nobody talks of the old anymore but animation does. A septuagenarian Carl decides to take a trip and manages to do that by flying along with his home on balloons. The movie captures the plot with the effects of photo realistic animation at its best.

Frankenweenie: With Tim Burton’s direction and a perfect setting for the mysterious mix of graphic, gothic and animation, this one is to be watched for the amalgamation of stop motion and digital animation.  It is more a work of ‘difference’ than just a new-age adaptation to Frankenstein.

There is no better conclusion to this list, which is always under construction. To that effect, these are only a few master pieces out of the animation box but for the ones who think ‘it’s not quite worth it’ are missing much.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 – So much more than a Phone

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There has always been a mobile which redefined what a “mobile” stands for. It was the Nokia 6600 at the advent of 21st century now it is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The remarkable piece of technology is claimed to be designed for humans and it indeed is. If you have ever wished for a phone that telepathically  communicates with your mind, then technology has made it possible with the S3.

Some of the revolutionary features include “Smart Stay” which keeps the display bright only until you are looking at it. In the midst of texting someone if you feel the urge to call them, simply lift the phone up to your ear and “Direct Call” will do the rest. And if you happen to feel too lazy to do anything at all just tell the phone what to do and “S Voice” will get the job done.

S3 is powered by a mind boggling 1.4 Ghz quad core processor which were known to be used in laptops until now. On other specifications front also, S3 is far from making any compromise. A 4.8 inches super AMOLED touch screen (of whose clarity is to be seen to believe in), 1 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 8 MP Autofocus camera and everything else any mobile phone has ever had except maybe infrared.

You would wonder how Samsung could pack so much in about 8.6 mm of thickness. The ergonomics of the phone are also spectacular and it is a treat to hold the phone.   Along with plethora of sensors, S3 also packs the latest Android OS, so that you can get the most out of this incredible phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is arguably the best phone ever known to mankind. However, there is no real basis to the arguments against its superiority.


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