The Art of Brochure Writing

Posted by on Jan 16 2009 | Content Writing

At the end of the day, it is all about getting your business going. And all that your business needs is effective marketing. You are definitely spoilt for choice in this case. Internet marketing is definitely gearing up but conventional ways of marketing are no less either. Brochure writing, in this regard, remains to be one of the most fruitful ways of marketing.
This is so because of two major reasons. First, brochures make it easy for the readers to go through whatever you have to offer at leisure. That means whenever they have time, they can simply go through your brochure. Second, brochures make the good first impression on your prospective customers. They are the best way to attract them to go through the details of what you have on offer.
However, writing for brochures is not just another job. After all, you get to introduce your business through these. So here are some effective brochure writing tips to help you. Before you read more about them, remember that these tips are really important and must be put into use.
Tips for Brochure Writing:
• The first page of your brochure should be the most captivating of all since it shall only decide for the reader if it’s worth reading what’s given inside or not. Use a catchy heading and put forth the best selling point of your product or service.
• You can also write a gist of what is inside and what you think would interest a reader. It could be a detail about your promotional scheme, a lucky draw or any such incentive.
• Try and avoid the details of the technicalities of your product or service while writing down the brochure content. If at all you have to include them, then explain those in a lay man language as well.
• You should always write about the usefulness of the product or service to its user. A reader would obviously want to know how it would benefit him/her.
• Always write in bulleted form and avoid paragraphs. Be precise because a reader would definitely not have the time to read your brochure word by word.
• Make sure that you know what your reader would be actually looking for while writing the brochure. List all possible questions and answers to those questions that you think a reader/user might have regarding your product or service.
• If your brochure is lengthy, then the best way to have a reader peep inside it is by listing down the contents. Tell them what’s inside and where exactly it is in there.
• Adding testimonials or comments from the people who have already used your product or service is a very good idea. This shall add credibility to your brochure.
• The language used to write the brochure should be very simple. Avoid using jargons and write as if you are addressing the reader straight away.

The best option, however, is to get your brochure written by a professional because they already have the experience of writing using these effective tips. All the best.

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